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A new peer-reviewed study has just been published on the possible link between the onset of Parkinson’s disease and the use of pesticides during one’s lifetime. Not surprisingly, the story has been picked up by the press globally and if you only have time to read the headlines then it’s a foregone conclusion that pesticides… » read more

Another month gone by! It`s number 8 and there will be four more to go. I think that`s still quite a lot but if I look at how quickly the previous ones have gone by, it seems like the whole adventure will be over soon. Anyway, many people have been asking me about what kind… » read more

Tired of the blaming game over the name of present and would-be NATO allies? Cannot wait how the new Entente Cordiale will help the relations of EU and NATO? Do you think the the American president is gambling with offering entry into the military allience to Ukraine? The Bucharest NATO summit not only is held… » read more

Though EU has a Cohesion Policy, among the horizontal policies like Sustainable Development and Equal Opportunities, that are compulsory for the project financed from its structural instruments, there isn’t mentioned Community Development. Or, what kind of cohesion can these instruments create if people will continue to migrate in waves from a region to other in… » read more

10 years after the Franco-British St Malo accord, President Sarkozy’s successful visit to London brings hope for a strategic consensus between France, Germany and the UK, supported by most Member States. Beyond diplomatic initiatives, this could encompass energy policy, climate change and also development aid. This is the conclusion of an interesting article by Thierry… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday 7 March 2008 Without significant feed-in tariffs or other types of government support, photovoltaic energy is not yet competitive with fossil fuel or nuclear power generation. But the technology is on a learning curve and the so called “grid parity” – competitiveness with conventional electricity generation is approaching. But… » read more

Last week Ania Skrzypek, Secretary General of Young European Socialists (or ECOSY in short), was our ‘blogger of the week’ on Yourspace. She gave her and ECOSY’s view on what should be priorities for the PES in the upcoming European elections. Decent work, ‘Generation Internship’ and political representation of women – read Ania’s posts below… » read more

Au-delà d’une Europe économique, il est possible de la combiner avec une Europe environnementale. Plus de fuel pour les véhicules, encouragement du vélo, l’énergie atomique à la poubelle, moins d’illusion via la pub et le marketing, des émissions télévisées orientées sur des choses naturelles et simples, des constructions environnementales (même pour les bâtiments des intitutions),… » read more

It is not widely known, that the general rights for EU member state citizens are not equal, when we are addressing the issue of European Parliament Elections. Some member states has adopted regulations regarding the voting procedure of EP candidates, which are only let people from the national parliament’s parties to be nominated for EP… » read more

As I learnt during previous days, Romanian boys and girls are expected to behave in a similar way until they reach the age of 11 or 12, with the exception that the girls have earrings. Gender roles are only starting to sink in during the early teenage years. From then on, boys are raised to… » read more

Most reactions to the Us European project are quite positive. Some are not. As it has been made clear to me, the tone I have so far used in describing Romania is degrading, too harsh and too Western. Since today is my last day in Romania, I will try to make up for any emotional… » read more

A la veille de l’entrée en vigueur du traité de Lisbonne, la modification apportée relance la question de la preuve pénale et l’édification de l’espace de liberté, de sécurité et de justice. Une telle question n’est pas nouvelle: elle s’inscrit non seulement dans la lignée de la nouvelle approche pour l’application du droit de l’Union… » read more

L’inconcevable est arrivé en ce tout début d’avril. José Manuel Barroso, le Président de la Commission européenne, a remis sa démission hier soir. La raison apparente serait son désaccord avec le futur « pacte européen » de Nicolas Sarkozy concernant l’immigration. Dans son communiqué de presse, il s’en prend au chefs d’Etats sur la question… » read more

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