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Here is the only real Brexit solution. It requires no further referendum of the British people. But… It comes with a Warning!! It requires Honesty, plus Humility and Courage! The British people have had two referendums on Europe. They don’t need a third referendum at the moment. They need politicians to listen to them. Politicians… » read more


Fundamental questions

Broadly speaking, scientific research takes two forms. One is applied research, which aims at practical results, such as more efficient and smaller batteries, or electricity generation from solar power. The other form is fundamental research, which is driven by curiosity and aims to expand human knowledge without any specific practical goal in mind. However, fundamental… » read more

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      by Katrijn Siderius and Miroslava Scholten EU agencies’ number and powers have grown tremendously in the recent years. Despite the so-called Meroni ‘non-delegation’ doctrine, EU agencies perform a wide range of tasks. They can contribute to or pass (soft) rules of general applications and impose sanctions for violation of EU laws vis-à-vis… » read more

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  Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is an artificial administrative creature made by foreign powers in Dayton agreement on 1995. It has two political semi-independent entities (federal units) – Serb dominated Republika Srpska (RS) and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) inhabited mainly by Croats and Bosniacs. The outcome has been some kind of confederal arrangement set up… » read more

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  La ville de Chemnitz située dans la région de la Saxe, fortement marquée à droite, est depuis plusieurs semaines le théâtre d’importantes manifestations anti-migrants portées principalement par des groupes d’extrême droite. La troisième ville de la Saxe est devenue l’épicentre de la contestation, depuis l’arrestation de deux suspects de nationalité afghane pour le meurtre… » read more

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Guest blog post by Gaffar Abdul, Communications Officer at Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). ‘Fake news’, ‘misinformation’, ‘online falsehoods’ – call it what you may, but let us not be mistaken – this is not a recent phenomenon. Neither is it truly a new problem, though arguably it has gained new relevance in today’s information society, largely… » read more

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NATO Military Chiefs met at the end of September in Warsaw, Poland to discuss future Alliance’ s military strategy. According to NATO press release, during the meeting, “discussions focused on allied operations, missions and activities, the development of NATO’s military strategy, responsiveness, reinforcement and the NATO Readiness Initiative, as well as the Alliance’s ongoing modernization.”… » read more

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Ci-dessus, sur la toile peinte par Paolo Uccello vers 1470, on peut y reconnaître Saint Georges (le bien) combattant le dragon (le mal). Mais ce qui nous intéresse sur ce tableau c’est la princesse symbolisant l’âme humaine, origine et but de la lutte. Elle est à la fois spectatrice et dépendante (par la corde) de… » read more

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C’est à Molenbeek, au Centre Communautaire Maritime, que s’est tenue la dernière conférence d’EU Logos sur le thème de la citoyenneté européenne à l’ère du numérique. Touchant des thèmes aussi variés que la fracture numérique, la question des inégalités et celle de la protection des données personnelles, l’objectif principal était de rendre compte de la… » read more

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Every other year in September, the global truck industry meets in Hanover for the International Motor Show dedicated to commercial vehicles. Given that ACEA represents the EU’s seven major truck manufacturers, we were also present in Hanover to set out the industry’s joint position on the EU proposal for truck CO2 standards. Most notably, we… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

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