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Throughout two decades of the Israeli-Palestinian “peace process,” direct negotiation with aim of ‘Two-State’ solution has been perceived as the only paradigm of international community and it has been the main option for Israeli and Palestinian authorities. The outcome has been a serial of repeated failures reaching peace agreements and implementing e.g. Oslo accords, combined… » read more

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Presidente Trump, mentre tutti sono occupati a ipotizzare le possibili conseguenze che potrebbero verificarsi dopo il suo riconoscimento ufficiale di Gerusalemme come capitale di Israele, mi interessa molto di più l’occasione unica che si presenta nella situazione attuale. Gerusalemme è diventata un simbolo di conflitto continuo, con o senza l’ambasciata degli Stati Uniti al suo… » read more

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Guest contribution by Marc Beishon. The world’s leading metastatic breast cancer (MBC) experts and advocates came together in Lisbon in November at the Advanced Breast Cancer 4th ESO-ESMO International Consensus Conference to welcome the ABC Alliance Global Charter (see below for its 10 goals).* The product of a new organisation, the ABC Global Alliance, an… » read more

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The new Commissioner for Digital and Media, Mariya Gabriel, is taking initiatives regarding fake news, with a fast process leading to recommendations before 2018 Summer. And hopefully, impact before the 2019 EU elections. In the same spirit, I share the five-point hypothesis below, and welcome feedback, chiefly offline. I do spare readers of this brief… » read more

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L’Union européenne et ses diverses institutions ont toujours été source de débat. En effet, dès ses débuts il y a eu des partisans de différentes visions de l’Union européenne, certains plus fédéralistes, et d’autres voulant garder une forte souveraineté étatique. Ces derniers l’ayant remporté, une politique de défense commune était difficile à envisager, et d’autant… » read more

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I fondi europei dopo il 2020.

Il Corriere Fiorentino del 9 Dicembre ha dato rilievo alla discussione in corso a Bruxelles e nelle cancellerie dei paesi europei sul futuro dei finanziamenti europei dopo il 2020, cioè alla scadenza dell’attuale programmazione finanziaria. Gli articoli di Fatucchi e Gori sono precisi e ben documentati, ma mi sia consentita qualche considerazione su questo tema.… » read more

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Guest post by MEP Alfred Sant, Head of Maltese (S&D) Delegation in the European Parliament   This afternoon the European Parliament’s plenary session, once again, will host a joint debate on the European Foreign Security and Defence Policy. This time the High Representative and Commission Vice President Mogherini will participate in the debate by welcoming… » read more

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En novembre, les observateurs des Nations Unies (ONU) ont visité les quatre centres de détention pour migrants de Tripoli, structures du Département de lutte contre les migrations illégales (DCIM – Detention centres managed by Libya’s Directorate for Combating Illegal Migration) qui dépendent du ministère de l’Intérieur de la Libye. Les conséquences de cette visite et… » read more

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Post en tant qu’invité par Thibaud Bodson, Chercheur à l’université libre de Berlin et à l’université hébraïque de Jérusalem   Conférence ministérielle de l’OMC, un moment important pour le multilatéralisme économique Du 10 au 13 décembre se tient à Buenos Aires la onzième Conférence ministérielle de l’Organisation Mondial du Commerce (OMC). Ce sommet bisannuel rassemble… » read more

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The state of play In early 2017, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called onto the international community to rethink its approach to peace and security. He deplored that far more time and resources are spent responding to crises rather than preventing them, and he encouraged world leaders to step up preventive action. Pointing out the… » read more

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