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Guest blog post by Patrick Bailey, a professional writer focusing on mental illness and addiction graduated at Central Michigan University. Retaining the unenviable ‘title’ as the world’s heaviest drinkers for more than a decade now, Europeans have recognized the health consequences of alcohol consumption to the drinker and to those around him. The European Union… » read more

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Comment passer en revue l’actualité européenne de ces derniers temps sans se pencher sur la question d’un mouvement en France qui concentre et crispe autour de lui toute l’attention médiatique. Une attention bien évidemment française, mais comme toujours également européenne, car les voisins de la France suivent souvent avec curiosité les régulières grèves, manifestations et… » read more

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Women’s fight for suffrage started early in the 20th century in Ottoman Empire – then ruled by a monarchy – but they faced many other challenges after the country switched to a parliamentary system as they failed to have suffrage added to the new constitution in 1924. Before Atatürk´s reforms, it is known that, peasant… » read more

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Opinions about Brexit can be divided into two broad groups: those that I will call ideology-based and those that are evidence-based. The dominant opinion in the first group is the question of sovereignty. It was a significant factor in the 2016 referendum and continues to motivate many of those favouring Brexit. It can be countered… » read more

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By: Jeroen Willemsen, Youth Development Working Group Graphic: Public Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe We volunteer because it makes a difference. To celebrate the work of volunteers around the globe, the United Nations General Assembly mandated the International Volunteer Day (IVD) to be held each year on the 5th of December. A day on which we… » read more

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In the period since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, Member States have more and more often and more and more passionately challenged the Union’s exercise of external relations powers conferred to it under the Lisbon Treaty. In the words of Advocate-General Kokott in her Opinion in the Antarctica cases legal actions are… » read more

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Introduction Case C-244/17 – Commission v Council (PCA with Kazakhstan) is one of the most recent cases in the long list of external relations cases and Opinions decided by the Court (in most cases in its Grand Chamber composition) since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty (beginning with Dai-Ichi Sankyo, Case C –… » read more

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It is time for both EU and Ukraine to reshape their long-term relations, especially in the context of the heated debate about the future of the EU and its neighbourhood policy towards Balkans, Turkey and Great Britain. The jubilee 20th Ukraine-EU Summit provided a good basis for Kyiv to raise the issues of long-term cooperation… » read more

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“Trident Juncture sends a clear message, to our nations and to any potential adversary: NATO does not seek confrontation, but we stand ready to defend all Allies against any threat […]Today, all our forces and equipment are in place – from the largest ship, to the smallest drone. Moving troops and equipment across borders on… » read more

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Le mot du Président « En réalité nous sommes tous climatosceptiques ! » Cette boutade de Clive Hamilton, philosophe et professeur d’éthique, fait réfléchir autant qu’elle inquiète, gravement. L’auteur de « Requiem pour l’espèce humaine » veut simplement nous faire comprendre que nous avons du mal à accepter la réalité dans sa globalité : celle… » read more

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Il est rare qu’un éditorialiste débute son texte en demandant aux lecteurs de lire d’abord les articles situés en pages intérieures. C’est le cas ici ! Les articles publiés en pages 2 et 3 de la présente Comitology Newsletter sont éclairants de l’impasse bureaucratique où s’enferme l’Union. Manipuler la frontière entre actes délégués et actes… » read more

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