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Guest post by Radu Dumitrescu, one of the Editors-in-Chief of The New Federalist. The resurgence of right-wing nationalism and hatred in Europe has been aptly met with condemnation from across the political spectrum, from conservatives and liberals to social democrats and greens. And yet, the centre-right and the Manfred Webers of the world have had… » read more

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For decades, the voter turnout in the European Parliament (EP) elections has been constantly decreasing. From 61,99% in 9 member states of the then European Community in 1979, to 42,54% in 2014 in the EU-28 format. This tendency has particularly applied to the Czech Republic; the country had the 5th lowest voter turnout in both… » read more

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This week we are all called, as European citizens, to elect our next European Parliament. AEGEE has done a lot this year connected to the upcoming elections. We advocated for our generation to make a change and vote, we reached thousands of young people to help them understand better how the European Union works and… » read more

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Article published by our partner EYES ON EUROPE: After a 2 hours conference on his political program, Yanis Varoufakis agreed to join us for a tête-à-tête interview. He gave us some insights into his personal motivation and how he would like to spend his free time. Although his political project is foredoomed, he may bring… » read more

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Following my first event building public health capacity in Hungary in October 2012, an event about trans-fats organised by the Hungarian Permanent representation, supported by us in Brussels in April 2016 and a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) focused visit to Hungary in October 2016, this time I am joining forces with the Hungarian Alliance… » read more

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Auteur: Daniel PEYRAUBE (Président CEPM)   S’il est un milieu qui doit être convaincu de l’importance du projet européen, c’est bien l’agriculture qui constitue via la PAC la seule politique intégrée de l’Union. Le contexte particulièrement incertain (Brexit, montée des questions identitaires, budget, …) et les peurs multiples (terrorisme, immigration, changement climatique, …) n’y changent… » read more

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Author: Daniel Peyraube (CEPM President)   If there is one sector that should be convinced of the importance of the European project, it is agriculture. Thanks to the CAP, agriculture is the only ‘integrated’ policy of the Union. The current context of great uncertainty (Brexit, questions of identity, budget) and multiple fears (terrorism, immigration, climate… » read more

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On May 14, for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine dismissed from office Stanislav Shevchuk, a judge of the CCU who at that time was the Chairman of the Constitutional Court. The judge was dismissed for the commitment of material disciplinary offence, gross and systematic neglect of… » read more

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