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Public demand for radical changes in the system of law enforcement agencies in Ukraine exists already for a number of years. The Revolution of Dignity only testified to their relevance, especially in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Public discussions of that period resulted in a number of specific indicators (requirements) to the process… » read more

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  Kyiv should foster Ukraine’s European integration, economic growth and national security by offering EU citizens instantaneous residence and work permission   By Andrej Novak and Andreas Umland Recent Eurostat data reveals that Ukrainians have been granted the most residency permits of any nationals in the EU last year. During 2017 alone, approximately 662,000 Ukrainians… » read more

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Why NATO trains to survive

This fall in Europe and in the Baltic region in particular is very “hot” from the military point of view. Russia thinks that NATO exercises in the region are not just single episodic manoeuvres but a chain of successive events, a well-designed scheme of conducting large-scale exercises that are offensive in nature. This point of… » read more

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At the recent Malta Blockchain Summit I had the pleasure of meeting Totte Löfström (@TotteLofstrom). Totte is the CEO of the new Swedish cryptocurrency exchange Trijo. We agreed that I would interview him about his experiences. Thank you Totte! – Please tell us about your organisation, it’s founding and goals. Trijo is basically a three-legged… » read more

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By Antonia von Richthofen, Policy Officer ERWG This Friday, November 9th, marks a special day, a strong reminder of how pressing certain political issues are still today: at the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, we, as AEGEE-Europe, stand up together and raise our voices against all means of hate, fascism, racism, and sexism. United… » read more

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On October 22, 2018, EuropaNova NGO with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy in France has organized in Paris a conference “New Generation Europe”. The event was aimed at enhancing perception of Ukraine as a good place for foreign investments. Ukraine undergoes reform of energy sector in accordance with the European Directives, the EU-Ukraine Association… » read more

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Des médias, des organisations ou des personnes sont parfois à l’origine d’une prise de parole concernant plusieurs scandales, visant par exemple des pratiques d’optimisation fiscale (Luxleaks, Panama papers…) ou la falsification de contrôles anti-pollution (Dieselgate). Ces informations ainsi exposées dans les médias ont eu des répercussions mondiales amenant les individus à l’origine de ces «… » read more

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Guest post by Dan Luca, Senior Director at EURACTIV. European Political Context In less than a year, European Parliament elections will lead us to the next European Commission. Following the current polarising trend in global politics, the debate in Europe is mainly conducted between pro-Europeans and anti-Europeans. The ever-growing gap between decision-makers and citizens could… » read more

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    Guest blog post by Howard Dobson, Strategic digital communications specialist and author. Europeans don’t understand the EU well enough to make an informed stay/leave decision. It’s not about knowing your Asse (in Belgium) from your Elbingen (in Germany). How many know their European Court of Justice from their European Court of Human Rights?… » read more

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