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After last week’s Achmea ruling of the Court of Justice (CJEU) Member States can no longer legally go ahead with ratifying CETA – the mixed Free Trade Agreement that the EU and its Member States agreed with Canada. Achmea casts serious doubts on the legality of CETA’s investment chapter, which allows investors from one Party… » read more

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Les sociétés européennes modernes ont tendance au renfermement sur elles-mêmes et à concevoir l’arrivant comme un intrus; souvent le résultat d’une peur alimentée par les images et les discours de crise relayés par les médias. Dans un contexte politique et économique souvent tendu, un préjugé très présent est que celui qui arrive est de trop… » read more

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By Dominik Kirchdorfer and Riccardo Venturi In 2016, Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the US caused a hysteria, with some people fearing populists would continue to gain ground; completely unopposed. Last year, those same people did a one-eighty turnaround and suddenly were proclaiming the victory of pro-Europeanism, as Rutte, Van der Bellen… » read more

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Fondation EURACTIV is supporting multilingualism and innovation in language technology. Leveraging machine translation and expert skills, attorneys could gather more evidence and address more efficiently multilingual litigation and international cases.   Discovery, in legal terms, is the pre-trial phase of a case during which attorneys gather evidence, sometimes from one another, using various means. E-discovery,… » read more

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This article follows the last #FactOfheDay written by Jean-Hugues Migeon. During the plenary session of the European Parliament this week (from 12 to 15 March 2018), several topics will refer to women’s rights. First of all, Antonio Tajani, incumbent president of the European Parliament, receives a petition from MEP Terry Reintke (Greens-EFAs). The petition was… » read more

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[Photo: CC-BY Veni Markovski. High Level Expert Group on fake news: subgroup Press with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel] (Keywords: #TackleFakeNews #FakeNews #HLEG #GAFA #Media4EU. Five free visuals and 10 quotes for re-use below) Since January 2018, I joined the High-Level Expert Group on “Fake News” set up by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel. 39 stakeholders advised on… » read more

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  In a recent LSE article in response to the recent Italian elections James Newell wrote that; “The right’s success in exploiting immigration as an issue was revealed by the results of a poll carried out by the private research institute, Tecnè, in early February.” This sets a very interesting frame, that apparently having an… » read more

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Sentiment analysis, particularly the automatic analysis of written reviews in terms of positive or negative valence, has been extensively studied in the last decade. On the other hand, automatic speaker’s sentiment extraction for audio streams containing spontaneous speech (like online videos) is a challenging area of research that has received little attention in the last… » read more

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Lancée en 2012 par la Commission européenne, l’initiative citoyenne est une « invitation faite à la Commission européenne de présenter une proposition législative dans un domaine dans lequel l’UE est habilitée à légiférer. L’initiative doit être soutenue par au moins un million de citoyens européens issus d’au moins 7 pays sur les 28 que compte… » read more

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What is the greatest danger to European democracy today? We see Italy voting in a potent mix of anti-Brussels parties, hostile to the euro. We see the UK – that calls itself the Mother of Parliaments – wanting to leave the EU. We see central and eastern European countries in revolt at the ill-thought out… » read more


Last week the European Commission released new information that Czech Republic and 8 other member states are behind schedule on reducing emissions. All countries in question; Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have until mid-March to deliver documents proving genuine effort to meet the quotas. If there… » read more

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In late January, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project received permission for construction and operation where it would make landfall in Germany. Nord Stream 2, like its first iteration, seeks to transit 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) of Russian natural gas annually—by the Baltic Sea instead of through Ukraine. By redirecting gas flows, the Kremlin… » read more

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Today, March 8th, 2018, is International Women’s Day. This year, International Women’s Day is part of an unprecedented global movement for women’s rights, equality, and justice. Sexual harassment, violence, and discrimination against women have been on the front page of the media and have generated a lot of public debate enhanced a strong commitment to… » read more

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