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On 6 February 2019, the Ambassadors of the 29 members of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) signed the Accession Protocol of North Macedonia in Brussels headquarters. Skopje Foreign Minister, Nikola Dimitrov, and NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg signed the document. Presently, the parliaments of the 29 Member States of the Alliance should ratify the Accession Protocol.… » read more

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In a modern law-governed state, legislative regulation of the relations between public administration bodies and private individuals is a mandatory element of the legal system. The laws on general administrative procedure primarily aim to protect a person from arbitrariness by public servants. They determine the actions of officials in terms of the procedure. This applies… » read more

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Lors d’une conférence de presse tenue le 7 mars, le Premier ministre Italien Giuseppe Conte a déclaré que « le gouvernement ne risque pas de tomber ». Avec ces mots, il a voulu rassurer les journalistes après la rencontre avec les vice-ministres Luigi Di Maio et Matteo Salvini à propos du Train Grand Vitesse (TGV) entre Lyon… » read more

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Yuri Kofner, research assistant, IIASA (Vienna); head, Eurasian sector, CCEIS, Higher School of Economics (Moscow) gives a lecture on the challenges, opportunities and potential format of deeper trade and economic cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The lecture was given from Munich as part of the model “Simulating EU-Eurasian Economic… » read more

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In the corridors of the Palace of Westminster and in those of the Union’s institutions, the air is rife with talk about extending the two-year period under Article 50 TEU. Both decision-makers and commentators regularly point out that delaying Brexit would be problematic if the delay ran into the upcoming European elections. It is worth… » read more

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The fight against global warming[1] and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a top priority for the European Union. 1) Why make it a priority? The global average temperature is expected to increase by between 1.1ºC and 6.4ºC in the 21st century without action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Human activities (the use of… » read more

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One of the most recurrent criticisms of the European Union regarding the migration phenomenon is the quantity of migrants Europe currently receives. First, and from a very global point of view, we observe that in almost the whole of the European Union, there is an overestimation of the feeling of the migratory flow within the… » read more

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The Treaties give the European Commission an exclusive power of legislative initiative. In principle, only the Commission can draft and propose Directives, Regulations and Decisions. The Lisbon Treaty also gave the Commission the power to propose AND adopt delegated acts, with the risk of creating an imbalance of power. Considered boring by the ‘Brussels Bubble’,… » read more

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Les Traités confèrent à la Commission un pouvoir d’initiative exclusif. Elle seule peut proposer et rédiger des directives, des règlements ou des décisions. Le Traité de Lisbonne offre à la Commission un pouvoir supplémentaire : celui de proposer ET d’adopter des actes délégués. Avec le risque d’un déséquilibre des pouvoirs. Jugée ennuyeuse par la «… » read more

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March 8, International Women’s Day, has become the day of the year to highlight what women do and review progress. Some workplaces have joined in celebrating this day, featuring heartening commitments to gender equality. But it is also frequent to see in the workplace the omission, forgetfulness or ignorance of what this day commemorates: the… » read more

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Guest blog post by Charalambos Tsekeris, a research fellow at the National Centre for Social Research (Athens, Greece), and Theodora Papaefthimiou, a lawyer specialised in Public Law. This short article maintains that, in times of structural and persistent crisis, Europe needs to tackle the multiple challenges and existential fears by cultivating a strong and dynamical… » read more

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