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Auteur: Daniel PEYRAUBE (Président CEPM)   S’il est un milieu qui doit être convaincu de l’importance du projet européen, c’est bien l’agriculture qui constitue via la PAC la seule politique intégrée de l’Union. Le contexte particulièrement incertain (Brexit, montée des questions identitaires, budget, …) et les peurs multiples (terrorisme, immigration, changement climatique, …) n’y changent… » read more

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Author: Daniel Peyraube (CEPM President)   If there is one sector that should be convinced of the importance of the European project, it is agriculture. Thanks to the CAP, agriculture is the only ‘integrated’ policy of the Union. The current context of great uncertainty (Brexit, questions of identity, budget) and multiple fears (terrorism, immigration, climate… » read more

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On May 14, for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine dismissed from office Stanislav Shevchuk, a judge of the CCU who at that time was the Chairman of the Constitutional Court. The judge was dismissed for the commitment of material disciplinary offence, gross and systematic neglect of… » read more

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By Otto Ilveskero Two weeks ago, a washed-up carcass of a whale was found on the coast Sardinia, Italy with 22 kilograms of plastic waste in its stomach. The gruesome discovery was yet another indicator for why tackling plastic waste has taken the centre stage of the EU’s environmental action, with the new single-use plastic… » read more

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On February 26, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine adopted a decision, according to which the article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine that established liability for illegal enrichment for public servants, was recognized unconstitutional. There were quite a lot of discussions around this article, and, despite the decision of the CCU, many experts believe that… » read more

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In June 2018, after eight years of crisis, Greece can finally get its head out of the water and see its creditors offer more viable and realistic alternatives for a country that has seen its debt figures rise to dizzying heights. The purpose of this framework note is to provide a very brief summary of… » read more

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« Je suis en procédure Dublin, qu’est-ce que cela signifie ? »[1] entend-on souvent dire les demandeurs d’Asile en Europe. L’immigration est devenue une problématique importante au sein de l’Union européenne qui se targue de fournir de nombreux efforts pour rassurer ses citoyens. En effet, l’insécurité grandissante de la population européenne face aux flux migratoires… » read more

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By Jasmin Hiry Doctoral candidate, University of Luxembourg   With the Treaty of Amsterdam, the right of access to documents was formally embedded into primary law. In light of the huge amount of judgments rendered by the Court since then, this does not seem to be an easy right to protect. Since the beginning, the… » read more

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The first popular works of Sigmund Freud in America strongly influenced the journalistic intelligentsia of the 1920s. They were fascinated and frightened by the Freudian image of a man with hidden perilous forces lying almost on the surface of the society of that time. Everyone was scared by the subconscious forces that could easily flare… » read more

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