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In the spring of 2018, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko announced his intention to initiate consolidation at the level of the Constitution of the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine. In September 2018, the President introduced to the Parliament a draft law No. 9037. On the Strategic Course of the State towards Ukraine’s Full Membership in… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

Ο πανικός στην ηγεσία της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης δεν κρύβεται. Δεν είναι ένα καινούργιο φαινόμενο αυτός ο πανικός, καθώς το έχουμε παρατηρήσει ήδη από το 2016 και την ανάληψη της ηγεσίας της ΝΔ από τον Κυριάκο Μητσοτάκη. Μπαίνοντας ωστόσο στο κρίσιμο εκλογικό έτος 2019, και με μια σειρά μυθευμάτων και fake news που καλλιέργησε επί μακρόν… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

Information spreads via Internet not only by means of big online media and social networks. There is a huge ramified ecosystem of “junk websites”. “News” shared by such “media” is often of very low quality or even complete fake. Still, it reaches millions of visitors per month. Such websites also generate information flow that brings… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

2019 will be a big political year in Lithuania, with elections in national focus. Lithuania will hold presidential, municipal and European Parliament elections this year. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in her traditional New Year congratulation message was very restrained and short-spoken. She clearly understands that she did nothing outstanding to be proud of. This message… » read more

  Posted by News from the Baltic States

On 14 December 2018, the Austrian Central Bank (OeNB) and the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee co-organised a conference on “Connecting Europe and Asia” convening high-level policy makers, top business executives and renown researchers. Taking place toward the end of the Austrian Presidency in the Council of the European Union, the goal of the event was… » read more

  Posted by Lisbon 2 Vladivostok

Teachers of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) need more support, training and tools for implementing innovative pedagogies in schools, such as student-centred learning. It is of particular concern that more than 35% of STEM teachers think they get no pedagogical or technical support in their line of work, even from other teachers of the… » read more

  Posted by European Schoolnet

“The UN’s latest climate meeting ends positively. But there is a lot more to do if global warming is to be stopped” says The Economist about the 24th UN Conference of Parties, the so-called COP24, which came to an end in Katowice on Saturday 15th December. “The agreement struck in Poland is not strong enough,… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

Au cours des 60 années de son histoire, l’Union européenne s’est souvent distinguée par des mécanismes innovants. Deux viennent immédiatement à l’esprit : les quotas et les mécanismes de la Convention de Lomé offrant aux exportateurs des PVD non le prix de dumping pratiqué sur les marchés mondiaux, mais le prix intérieur de l’UE. Depuis,… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

In its 60-year history, the European Union has often distinguished itself by the use of innovative tools. Two come immediately to mind: the quotas and mechanisms under the Lomé Convention that offer developing country exporters the internal EU price rather than the dumping price practised on world markets. The regulatory innovation that was the rule… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

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