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With the reform introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon (ToL) in 2007, the Union has developed the competence in integrated management for the EU’s external borders. The underpinning idea is that, since Schengen abolished every internal control, external borders shall be subject to a more coordinated regulation by both the European Union and the Member… » read more

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A moins de quatre mois des élections européennes de mai 2019, les leaders des partis politiques d’Europe ont lancé leurs campagnes électorales. Tel est le cas en France de Marine Le Pen, leader du parti politique Rassemblement National, et de son collègue et sympathisant italien Matteo Salvini, candidat du parti eurosceptique la Ligue. Début janvier,… » read more

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The bear is sleeping soundly in its lair. The Parliament is in a kind of early recess. The Commission is waiting for the next College. The Member States are self-centred. Elsewhere, everything is moving. Here, nothing is moving. Brexit: when things are beyond us, let’s pretend we are the instigators Nobody has control over this… » read more

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L’ours dort profondément dans sa tanière. Le Parlement vit son « recess » par anticipation. La Commission attend son futur Collège. Les Etats membres sont auto-centrés. Ailleurs, tout bouge. Ici rien ne bouge.   Brexit. Quand les choses nous dépassent feignons d’en être les instigateurs ! Personne n’a de contrôle sur ce dossier. Ni à… » read more

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Automobile manufacturers have a long tradition and a strong track record in improving road safety, not only for the occupants of the vehicles they build but for all road users. Indeed, safety is a topic that is very close to our hearts. And the results of this high level of commitment are very tangible. As… » read more

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À partir du 1er janvier 2019, la Roumanie succède à l’Autriche et prend les commandes pour ce semestre de la Présidence tournante du Conseil de l’Union Européenne. Cette présidence fait porter tous les regards sur la Roumanie qui suscite, dans la lignée de la Hongrie et de la Pologne, de nombreuses inquiétudes par rapport au… » read more

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While Ukraine is wrapping up its New Year and Orthodox Christmas celebrations, there is one more thing worth celebrating. On 1.1.2019, Ukraine took a big leap towards liberalizing its retail electricity market towards European standards. As of this date, consumers are free to choose their electricity supplier. Well, almost all consumers. Households and the SME… » read more

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Una vez más, alrededor de 3.000 de las personas más ricas del mundo, líderes mundiales, responsables de la toma de decisiones y economistas se reúnen en la pintoresca ciudad nevada de Davos, Suiza. Los miembros ricos y poderosos del club global del 1% pasarán cinco días en persona para hacer negocios, mientras disfrutan de lujoasas… » read more

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_ Yuri Kofner, research assistant at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA); head; Eurasian sector, Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, Higher School of Economics. First published in: EAEU from Lisbon to Vladivostok: Transformations and Perspectives. Berlin.: owc Foreign Trade Publishing House. – EastContact (1). 2018. – 56 p.

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The British parliament’s historical anti-Brexit deal vote is the latest act in a series of events affecting the performance of Western democracies worldwide. From the US, France and England in the West to Italy and Greece in the South of the European continent, passing by Hungary, Poland or Romania, Western-style democracies and parliamentary systems are… » read more

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