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Massive protests in Montenegro are continuing to grow, week after week thousands of citizens are gathering in the centre of the capital – Podgorica, calling for the resignation of President Milo Djukanovic and other governmental and judicial officials. This Saturday (March 2nd) it was the biggest gathering so far, with around 15.000 people attending the… » read more

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The Hungarian government of Viktor Orban launched a media campaign on Facebook against the American investor and philanthropist George Soros and the President of the European commission Jean-Claude Juncker. The Hungarian prime minister accused them to “encourage illegal immigration and to undermine the country’s borders”. The European commission has reacted by calling “shocking” that “such… » read more

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On February 7, 2019, the Verkhovna Rada voted for amending the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding the strategic course of the state on acquiring full-fledged membership of Ukraine in the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The purpose of the proposed amendments, as stated in the Explanatory Note, is the legislative consolidation in the… » read more

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The overall aim of the EU-SysFlex project is to provide a roadmap for Europe in meeting the challenge of integrating 50% renewables by 2030. Europe has ambitious plans to become greener and more decarbonized by increasing levels of renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency measures. Today, electrical energy accounts for approximately 20% of energy consumption… » read more

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I gave a speech this week to PES members of the Committee of the Regions about digital communication in the run up to the European Parliament elections. The Q&A with the members was especially interesting, and one question – from a mayor from Greece – prompted me to write this blog post. “What can we… » read more

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Two 20-foot tall fences topped with barbed wire and 1,100 police separate the city of Ceuta, Spain and Morocco, but instead of deterring migration from sub-Saharan Africa, the wall has become an increasingly popular crossing point into Europe. Spain’s wall should be a lesson to European Union (EU) leaders: raising barriers to reduce immigration won’t… » read more

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A l’approche des élections européennes, la désinformation sur les réseaux sociaux et internet ne cesse de préoccuper les dirigeants européens. Ceux-ci estiment qu’elle porte atteinte à la démocratie dans l’Union européenne (UE). De fait, seulement pour l’année 2018, des études scientifiques ont démontré que des campagnes de désinformation dans les médias sociaux avaient été menées… » read more

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In September 2017, I posted a blog called ‘The rise of the kakistocracy’. Kakistocracy means government by the worst[1]: the most incompetent people are in power. When I wrote the piece, there was no shortage of candidate kakistocracies; Venezuela and Zimbabwe provided two rather extreme examples out of many. But what about the western democracies?… » read more

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Article initialement publié sur Eyes on Europe le 19 février 2019 Vous n’avez pas pu y échapper. Votre boîte mail a été inondée de courriels vous informant de l’application d’une nouvelle politique de confidentialité. En effet, le RGPD, la pierre angulaire de la protection des données à caractère personnel au sein de l’UE, est entré en… » read more

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Lors des dernières élections, les eurosceptiques étaient-ils le plus grand danger auquel l’Union devait faire face ?  En 2014, une enquête post-électorale interrogeant les citoyens sur le caractère bénéfique ou non de l’appartenance à l’Union a pu donner un embryon de réponse à cette question. Le fait que 16% des citoyens considèrent comme négatif le rattachement… » read more

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