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Prior to the 2014 European Parliament elections I examined all the runners and riders for President of the European Commission and other EU top jobs (2014 posts on President of the Commission: EPP, PES, Others | President of the European Council | High Rep for EU Foreign Policy). Now, with 9 months to go until… » read more

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Marie Christine Monfort is the co-founder and president of the International Organisation for Women in the Seafood Industry (WSI), an organization dedicated to raising awareness of gender issues in all seafood-related industries: fishing, fish farming, processing, research, trading… Economist with a classic academic background (MSc International trade; MSc economy), started working in this field almost… » read more

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Il bilancio europeo ha attratto l’attenzione dei media a seguito di dichiarazioni di importanti esponenti del governo italiano che, in diverse forme hanno indicato la volontà di mettere il veto sul bilancio europeo. Mi sembra utile chiarire cosa questo significa rispetto alle regole europee. La definizione ‘bilancio europeo’ viene usata genericamente per indicare sia il… » read more

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So 84% of Europeans want to stop changing the clocks in spring and autumn. And 3.79% of the German population participated in a European Commission consultation. A summary of the details can be found here. So stop changing the clocks then! Hang on, not so fast. The question then is to stick with Central European… » read more

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March, 2018 the European Commission proposed requiring better disclosure of credit-card foreign-exchange fees and that charges on intra-EU cross-border euro and domestic non-euro payments be the same. To improve payments markets and further economic integration, the EU has intervened repeatedly. Interventions may be justified and useful where there’s a market structural problem or imperfection harming… » read more

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German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas recently authored an op-ed calling for a rebalanced transatlantic relationship between Europe and the United States. The op-ed was a remarkable departure from conventional doctrine for a high-level German diplomat, who openly questioned America’s role in the world and sees the EU as an alternative defender of liberal values and… » read more

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Es fällt schwer, einem rechtsextremen, rassistischen, populistischen, mit perfider Intelligenz agierenden Politiker wie Matteo Salvini zuzustimmen und sei es auch nur in Detailfragen. Aber manchmal muss das sein. Salvini hat Recht, wenn er die anderen EU-Länder dazu auffordert, Migranten aus dem Mittelmeer aufzunehmen, wenn er sagt, die Menschen sollen verteilt werden auf alle EU-Staaten, wenn… » read more


Il 17 agosto 2018 si sono riuniti circa 20 cittadini per parlare d’Europa in una Convenzione Cittadina (CoCi) organizzata da Giorgio Clarotti per Alliance Europa sul modello ispirato dalle CoCi lanciate dai Presidenti Juncker, Macron e dalla Cancelliera Merkel. La riunione mirava ‘Adulti attivi’ nel lavoro o in associazioni perché avevano poco partecipato al “pilota”… » read more

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More than a ‘Procedural’ Revision The European Union for the past few years has faced significant crises of political and economic nature. It has to deal for the first time in its 60-year history with a Member State wanting to exit from the Union; with hostility by and even trade wars with what used to… » read more

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#YouthDay #SafeSpaces4Youth International Youth Day 2018: Let’s create safe spaces By Desireé van Langen Today, on the 12th of August 2018, we celebrate International Youth Day. This year’s edition focuses on the importance of safe spaces. A safe space means an environment in which young people can be themselves. This includes for example feeling welcome… » read more

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