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One of the great things about claiming to be a China expert is that no-one will categorically refute what you say. China is the source of many contradictory and confusing conclusions. The western media report that either China is on the verge of imminent collapse or on the brink of economic and political dominance. China… » read more

It was to be expected that some of the usual climate change deniers would be pretty upset when Al Gore and the IPCC scientists were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday. My price for the most grotesque reaction goes to the Competitive Enterprise Institute which accused Gore of creating “global instability and political strife,… » read more

Conversion of arable land to produce biofuels should be forbidden for five years, until science has made enough progress to create “second-generation” biofuels. This is the recommendation of a UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. See Swissinfo for more on this story. Science Magazine Nature also has an editorial questioning corn-based biofuels (”Kill king… » read more


this is the beginning of an unknown journey for me. i hope that you find i have something worthwhile to say and that you will bear with me until I professionalise my blogging. stanley crossick

In a joint press conference on 10 October, EU Commission Vice-President Verheugen and research commissioner Potocnik presented two new initiatives to accelerate research and development of hydrogen cars. A uniform EU-wide market approval system and a new public-private partnership (the “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiative“) with a financial EU contribution of 470 million… » read more

The Energy Bulletin ran an excellent blog post on Tuesday which raised my eyebrows. I hope that some of our EU China connaisseurs would react to it. The post written by David DuByne, who teaches business English in China, states that the Chinese government is preparing to shift from being an export-driven economy to becoming a… » read more

I have not made up my mind yet which US Presidential candiate I would vote for if I were an American citizen. Of course,  in election campaigns big promises are cheap and therefore it needs quite a bit of analysis what business interest ties the candidates have to be able to predict their real behaviour once… » read more

A useful plug-in, particularly for giving structure to long posts. Installing this plug in essentially adds a second row of editing buttons to your write page, allowing you to: apply the ’standard styles’ to paragraphs (heading 1 … heading 6, plus 1-2 others) apply styles such as superscript and subscript, font colour, etc. insert horizontal… » read more

As mentioned in Getting Started, we recommend that you install the PressIt Bookmarket, which makes creating posts based on stuff you come across on the web very easily. You can install it incredibly easily (a simple ‘right click’) from the bottom of the Write Page. Once installed, it works like this: you’re browsing the web… » read more

Technorati Tags: biofuels, European Union The production of first-generation agro-fuels does not only have questionable environmental and social effects but it is also a very expensive way of trying to deal with the climate change effects of transport. European public support for first-generation biofuels is not a cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to… » read more

At the recent US summit of largest greenhouse gas emitters, the Bush government presented a matrix of US policy achievements to convince others that the US administration is tackling climate change. Seven NGOs reworked the document and tell the “true story” behind the US climate/energy policy. Anyone who volunteers to produce a similar matrix for EU… » read more

Two recent articles about how the relationship between ‘old’ and ‘new’ media are becoming increasingly blurred, and symbiotic: :: Economist builds buzz by tipping off bloggers about unpublished content The Economist Group is using the power of the blogosphere to build buzz for its political stories before they are published. Having identified a group… » read more

Squaring the EU’s energy needs while tackling climate change and ensuring energy supplies is one of the Union’s most pressing issues. The EU has a major role to play in these areas, from managing the world’s first carbon trading scheme to attempting to improve efficiency in energy generation and distribution. {links to be added, text… » read more

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