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The term ‘Information Society’ cropped up in the 1990s. The European Commission obviously thought it was important, creating a department for it in the late 1990s and launching a portal on it, ostensibly covering all relevant EC work, a few years later. But what is it? When pressed, the UN defines the Information Society on… » read more

The Case of Südtirol

While in Belgium the debate rages on about how to manage one state with two groups with so many rifts between them, I find myself thinking about a case of 3 languages and 3 cultures who share one land – the region known as South Tyrol or (for the Italians) Bolzano-Bolzen. Although they are two […]

No Comment, Euronews

After many years of enjoying the NoComment segment on the European newschannel Euronews, NOCOMMENT has finally gone digital. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been an avid subscriber to the NoComment podcast: a 1 to 2 minute daily segment of NoComment which also appears on the tv channel. This segment is not only something […]

In the winter of 1912 in a place called Lawrence, Massachusetts, 20,000 textile workers went on a long bitter strike. They worked long hours and lived in the worst conditions imaginable. As immigrants from all over Europe, and mostly women and children, the workers were outraged that their already meager wages would be cut. In […]

Agricultura in Romania

Dupa seceta din anul acesta preturile alimentelor sint in continua crestere. Original post by roactiv

Joining the tag cloud Would you like to see your blog posts appear in the blogActiv tag cloud? Categories blogactiv Climate change Common Agricultural Policy Corporate Watchdog eco-cities Eco-competitiveness Eu Constitution EU energy policy European European Commission European Parliament European Public Sphere European Union Hacking Merkel Resource scarcity support Sustainability Sustainable Development Trade & Industry… » read more

un colt de Romania

Incepem cu mici imagini din Romania. Iata o fotografie din Muntii Apuseni. Original post by roactiv

History of Oil

Reading through a history of Royal Dutch Shell, the UK-Dutch oil super corporation. I use the term super because in terms of global reach and revenue, they’re more than a corporation. They’re more than European. While the history is interesting and it is certainly a very complex story, I’m not convinced about the corporation’s track… » read more

Less Security Please

I happen to have arrived in Lisbon at the same time as Tony Blair, Condi, and other assorted superstars attending the mideast quartet summit. (or whatever name they’re giving it these days) Of course, in now typical fashion, the city was under military occupation throughout their meeting. Highways closed, military police brandishing all manner of… » read more

In November 2007, the European Commission is due to present its first ideas on what has been called the 2008 “health check” of the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP). The phrase “health check” has been carefully chosen to prevent any fears that the Commission will start a new “review” of its most controversial policy area.… » read more

Unsustainable Vacation

I have the good fortune of getting to pop around between Central Europe’s finest cities all year round. From my home to Amsterdam, to Berlin, to Paris, to Brussels, and everything in between. One thing I notice is each city’s effort to adopt environmentally sound policies in areas like waste management, energy use, fuel, architecture,… » read more

Let’s try to cut through all the spin on the Reform Treaty which was put on the IGC rails on Saturday morning 23 June. First of all, the compromise reached is no more and no less than the draft Constitution brought in through the backdoor. In a mockery of the two no-referenda in France and… » read more

Will the European Council meeting of 21-22 June go down in history as a “new beginning” after the draft Constitution failure in France and the Netherlands? I am sure it will not. Even if, on Friday, EU leaders manage to strike a deal on a “roadmap” to a new Treaty, what the summit will be… » read more

This week’s Economist has an excellent analysis of think tanks and political debates in Brussels. Its main message: “the level and quality of public debate in the EU capital are depressingly low”. I could not agree more having attended and sometimes moderated lots of the conferences or seminars where these debates should take place. The… » read more

Do we need a new European treaty in order to save our climate? EU President Barroso certainly seems to think so. According to today’s Financial Times, the Commission President has warned future UK prime minister Gordon Brown not to block a compromise deal on a watered-down European treaty. If the UK would fail to agree… » read more

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