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Miroslav Mikolásik, EPP-ED, shares his thoughts during the opening panel of the Euractiv Conference. Download “People have the right to know what EU leaders are proposing, and to have the possibility to influence them. There is a need to reinforce the dialogue; communication should become an EU policy in its own right […] Original post… » read more

And so, Orgalime will soon have a new President to oversee their European engineering affairs. Find out tomorrow (21 Nov) who will succeed Professor Edward Krubasik in the hot chair. Orgalime’s 52nd General Assembly meets in Brussels […] Original post by orgalime

UK political commentators are rather sceptical about yesterday’s “green conversion” of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Labour governments of Mr Blair and now Mr Brown have been talking loads about the need to tackle climate change but their delivery record has not been as impressive as their rhetoric. Can Gordon Brown become Gordon Green? […]… » read more

While the blogosphere is an important new channel for the EU to reach citizens, be warned: this channel bites back! Download “Citizen journalists and other bloggers are experts in their field and can help improve understanding of these technical EU issues … [but if you] treat this as a traditional channel, with PR and spin,… » read more

Can one write something new about the latest synthesis report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? Not really. Not only is it just repeating what was in the three earlier reports this year (although maybe with a bit more political courage), but what it confirms is already known for years […] Original… » read more

A US federal court has rejected the car fuel (CAFE) standards set in 2006 by the Bush administration for failing to assess the environmental costs of greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the use of the new standards. The Court criticised in particular the SUV loophole and the failure to include heavier vehicles. […] Original post… » read more

Alex Iskold has written an article about Who is blogging and why? While the article is mainly about the major trends and whether bloggers blog for pleasure or for money (so called pro-bloggers) and whether there is a general decline in blogging, one commentor says what he thinks is the main reason for blogging: visbility… » read more

The UK government introduced the world’s first climate change bill into the House of Lords on 14 November. The bill aims at reducing the country’s geenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 32% by 2020 and by at least 60% by 2050. The bill proposes a system of five-year carbon budgets and sets up a  Committee… » read more

On 5 November the European Investment bank (EIB) signed agreements with Turkey to open two representative offices in Ankara and Istanbul. Operations will begin after ratification by the Turkish Parliament. * EIB total lending between 2000-2007 reached EUR 7bn and some EUR 2bn in 2007 alone. see article

Three American political commentators do not see global warming as one of the defining issues for the upcoming presidential campaign. The next president will probably be chosen on the basis of personality and domestic issues unless there is a new terrorist attack before November 2008. The three journalists, Rick Burke (NY Times), Carroll Doherty (Pew… » read more

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