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Podcast: Monica Frassoni, MEP

Eight minute interview with Monica Frassoni, MEP and Co-President of the GREENS/EFA Group in the European Parliament. Mrs Frassoni draws a clear distinction between different forms of ‘low carbon’ technology, taking issue with the term itself: “When you talk about nuclear and clean coal, you are not talking about renewables, and you are not talking… » read more

12 minute interview with Roberto Zangrandi, Head of European Affairs at Enel, during the lead-up to the first “Speak Up Europe” energy debate. “We are a former monopolist … operating in a country with no direct fuel resources. … The green MPs have very well argued views … […] Original post by blogarchitect

This controversial video is currently shown in African cinemas. It has been produced in Switzerland, with some EU support. Maybe the next step is a video showing dead African immigrants arriving on Europe’s Southern borders? What a shame for Europe that it has no other message than that. Original post by brusselsblogger

We’ve set up this blog to help make our ‘Speak Up Europe’ work in the field of EU energy & climate policy more interactive. To begin with, we’ll use it to blog our cycle of three debates on EU energy policy. The first is being held in Brussels this Thursday (Debate 1 – programme, pdf).… » read more

How can Europe lead on the necessary transition to a carbon-constrained economic future when the policy measures needed might undermine the competitiveness of European industries? This was the subject of a major conference “Towards a global low carbon economy” organised as the closing event of the EU Commission’s high-level group on competitiveness, energy and the… » read more

The New Bruges Speech

David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, outlined on 15 November his vision of European integration at the College of Europe – 20 years after Margaret Thatcher’s infamous Bruges speech. Miliband is regarded as a European ‘from the heart’ and his original appointment by Gordon Brown, a Prime Minister who appears neither to like foreigners […]… » read more

One week before the climate summit in Bali, the Confederation of British Industries (CBI) will be presenting a report on the UK government’s efforts to reach its greenhouse gas reduction targets (6O% by 2050). The report recognises the business opportunities related to the fight against climate change and proposes new nuclear power plants as one… » read more

17th CCP Congress

The implications of what happened at the 17th five-year Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will not be fully known until after the National Congress in March 2008, when the new government will finally be in place and all the new members of the State Council (ministers) appointed. Contrary to what many believe, the… » read more

Several recent speeches by the President of France and foreign ministers of Germany and UK (who are among the most significant net budgetary contributors to the EU) provide a sense of where future EU priorities may lie. And while each spokesman has a different nuance the common issues are: tackling globalization in terms of trade… » read more

The table below shows the dates chapters for Turkey’s accession process were published and during which Presidency of the Council. While six remain in Council, 10 chapters were published during the German presidency, 8 during the Finnish, and, 4 during the Austrian presidency respectively. Original post by mlpoltic

Nicholas Sarkozy promises to reform France’s sclerotic economy. While France produces cadres of brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs who build businesses in Silicon Valley, the Gallic system encourages many of its most talented to become fonctionnaires impeding wealth and job creation, discourages risk taking, and rigidly protects today’s firms and jobs at the expense of preventing… » read more

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