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Union européenne et la « question turque » L’expérience des autres élargissements de l’Union européenne donnait à penser que l’avis de la Commission – essentiel dans le processus de décision communautaire – mettait fin au débat, et que l’on s’engagerait dans une négociation longue et difficile certes, mais où l’art du compromis des diplomates et… » read more

Antwerpen, BE (View on map) Finland is one of the few European countries that stick to strict military conscription. Other countries struggle to find alternative constructions to force different layers of society to interact during at least one period in their lives. In Belgium, compulsory military service was abolished in 1994, but they have […]… » read more

A two hour China-EU Summit in Beijing on 28 November was followed by a five day (and part night) negotiation between officials before the Joint Statement could be agreed. Why a 47 paragraph statement has to be issued when very little of its contents were discussed at the summit is hard to comprehend. Neither the… » read more

Career choices

Career choices Ghent, BE (View on map) `Man bijt hond` (`Man bites dog`) is a typical Flemish TV program that brings a mixture of social documentaries and `non-news`. It sends out reporters to ordinary people, to see what they eat for dinner, how they spend the day and what kind of, sometimes strange, hobbies they… » read more

Dear Minister You explained on 18 December why we must not take the pressure of Iran. I too am totally opposed to Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, but regret that you do not appear to be taking into account Iran’s experience of the West. You say: “Since 2002, the international community has striven to resolve our… » read more

A public workshop held in Ukraine on 12 December 2007 was aimed to discuss the issues regarding the regulation of the new online media. The workshop was organised by Internews Ukraine together with the Council of Europe and the National Commission on Freedom of Speech and Development of the Information […] Original post by Bogdan

Greedy governments stifle innovation by reserving all the intellectual property of publicly funded research for their own use. The problem is that governments are not very good at knowing what to do next, and invariably tie up valuable innovation in bureaucratic process, without adding any social value at all. The Eurocrats like US comparisons, so… » read more

Brussels, BE (View on map) Today is just another ordinary day for most Belgians. They may be looking forward to Christmas, but they have nothing to celebrate on this 19th of December. For the Muslim community in Belgium and across the world, today is `Eid al-Adha`: Sacrifice Day. When the day starts, I notice an… » read more

The Innovative Medicines Initiative seeks to put right the chaotic treatment of pharmaceutical innovation by EU member states, and will likely fail. The goose that lays golden eggs of medical innovation is cooked to death by member state medicines policies. Increasing the speed of product development will come to a grinding halt as member states… » read more

The link below provides a web based database of EU member state missions in Asia. The goal being to understand where EU member states have embassies or consulates within Asia.[…] Original post by mlpoltic

The link below provides a web based database of EU member state missions in Asia. The goal being to understand where EU member states have embassies or consulates within Asia. EU Member state embassies and consulates in Asia. At this stage we have simply compiled the data and written the code to make the program… » read more

Most Germans say they aren’t benefiting from the country’s economic expansion, a poll conducted by market researcher Forsa showed in December 2007.Eighty-three percent of Germans said economic growth is neither to their personal advantage nor do their friends and relatives profit from it, the poll for stern magazine and RTL television found. Seventeen percent said… » read more

Hello ! This is a blog about European Digital Rights Initiative (EDRI) activities and some important articles from the EDRi-gram. The blog is launched by the EDRi-gram editor – Bogdan Manolea and other EDRi members are welcome to participate in contributing to it. Original post by Bogdan

The good news appears to be some progress in raising the possibility of a European health system, the bad news is that apparently it is going to take a lot longer than patients in particular would like. Which brings us to the ugly truth that many member states are fiercely resisting progress on this […]… » read more

HealthBlog will address issues to do with health and that can include: medicines, medical devices, community care, hospitals, cross-border healthcare, the politics of health, all at a European level. Perhaps in time some themes will emerge and take on a life of their own and need to migrate somewhere else. Some areas and questions to… » read more

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