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Few of the really big purported cases of cultural incompatibility have much to do with race or language. The real catalyst, as in the current crisis in Belgium, is something else. In the case of Bosnia-Herzogovina, it was not just a matter of different languages and religions. The indifference that soured into violence had more… » read more

Last week when I was talking to Belgian academic students about the EU’s sustainable development strategy (SDS), I got serious flack from a DG environment official when I stated that the EU does not have a real policy on sustainable development. What the EU has, is the business-as-usual economic growth strategy with a bit of… » read more

The steel issue should not be used as a warning signal to China – European engineering is not specifically reliant on Chinese steel, however, if European steel production capacities are insufficient in the EU, our companies need to be able to source raw materials from elsewhere. If the investigation turns out to be successful in… » read more

Perhaps I’m missing something, but to me Bali was a failure although not a disaster. I’m no expert on climate change but two questions bug me: What has Kyoto really achieved, after several years of negotiations and the 10 years which have since elapsed? What will the new treaty achieve at the end of a… » read more

Bali: roadmap to Armageddon?

OK, the Bali climate top decided on a roadmap for future negotiations, but without any direction (no 25-40% targets) and, what is more, without any real breakthrough in the mindset of most governments. First of all, there is still no awareness that in the face of the global climate calamity, all the fighting over the… » read more

European officials breathed a collective sigh of relief when they returned to Brussels after the 10th China-EU Summit on 28 November. European expectations were low and many saw damage limitation as their top priority. Frustration had increased over the trade deficit, which is rising at the hourly rate of €15m; the fall in the value… » read more

Why Mr Brown? Why?

Why did the British Prime Minister sign the new EU Reform Treaty in Lisbon on 13 December alone, three hours after the official signing ceremony? Certainly not because a House of Commons committee meeting takes precedence. We know that Gordon Brown is not a social soul and prefers ‘talking turkey’ to sipping champagne. The only… » read more

Euroblog 2008 in Brussels

The PR research association Euprera is hosting the EuroBlog 2008 conference in Brussels from 13 to 15 March 2008. Edelman, a leading global PR firm, is supporting the event. Original post by brusselsblogger

The “Lisbon Strategy” alias “the strategy for growth and jobs” is resulting in growth, does create jobs, but is not something that the Europeans would care about. I tried to run “lisbon strategy” through Google Trends and the results was: Your terms – “lisbon strategy” – do not have enough search volume to show graphs.… » read more

As John Doe scooped here a couple of days ago, the heads of state and government will be signing a Globalisation Declaration’ at the end of this week along with the Reform Treaty. This chimes with the report released by the Commission today, as reported on (my emphases): – Commission hails EU reform… » read more

There are so many myths and false assumptions in the climate/energy debate that I always like to highlight authors and articles who/which cut through all the ideology by looking at the raw scientific figures. One author who consistently uses this “reality check” is George Monbiot. In an article published last week, Monbiot has made the… » read more

The EU is determined to ensure that globalisation is a source of opportunity rather than a threat, a declaration to be signed at the end of the week by heads of state and government states. Read the document here (500 kB pdf): eu-declaration-on-globalisation.pdf The two-page document explaining what the Lisbon Reform Treaty – and at… » read more

The Plan D final conference was for me an interesting experience, as I could witness an enthusiastic debate by ordinary citizens who had debated European issues already before they came to Brussels. Thus they were already a little bit better informed as the average citizen. It was interesting to see that these citizens not only… » read more

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