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Extracted from the 2007 Progress report by European Commission. Turkey continues to move forward in the EU accession process. So far out of 33 chapters four have been opened and only one closed (Science and Research). The Commission states that 28 of 35 screening reports (80%) have been delivered to The Council and 6 are… » read more

The following table is drawn from Commission comments in the 2007 progress report on Turkey’s EU accession process which was released 6 Nov 2007. In addition the Commission submitted a revised Accession Partnership document to Council that revises Turkey’s short and medium term priorities. CHAPTER HEADING ALIGNMENT STATUS 1 Goods BLOCKED; Limited 2 Workers Early… » read more

On Sunday, 25 November, Romania will hold its first European elections. While Romanian MEPs have already been present in the European Parliament as observers and since 1/1/2007 as regular members it is the first time that Romanians will have the possibility to directly elect their candidates to the European Parliament. […] Original post by brusselsblogger

According to Joël de Rosnay, interviewed about his new book, The Pronetarian Revolution: “Internet and especially the Web 2.0 allow the reinvention of participative methods founded on new relational technologies that could be of interest to the big institutions – notably European … [You can] Trust the “Long Tail” of pronetarians to find innovative ways… » read more

There are three ways of looking at the new greenhouse emission figures presented by the UN’s climate change secretariat yesterday. The pessimist will observe that the ”total greenhouse gas emissions of 40 industrialized countries rose to a near all-time high in 2005″ and that the trend since 2000 is going in the wrong direction, notwithstanding… » read more

Sergio Cantone of Euronews talks briefly about how Euronews reports about Europe. Download “We have seven different journalists, not seven different translators, working on the news, interviews, and reports. Every journalist gives their personal and national identity to the news they are dealing with.” Original post by Mark F. Rendeiro

A new site dedicated to enhancing citizen involvement in climate policy has been launched. What does the future hold for such initiatives? Normally we here at don’t post ourselves, but an EurActiv article (disclosure: EurActiv is Blogactiv’s parent company) merits the exception: – New website seeks to engage citizens in climate policy debates… » read more

Normally we here at don’t post ourselves, but an EurActiv article (disclosure: EurActiv is Blogactiv’s parent company) merits the exception: – New website seeks to engage citizens in climate policy debates. A new website providing a forum for debate on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol […]

Miroslav Mikolásik, EPP-ED, shares his thoughts during the opening panel of the Euractiv Conference. Download “People have the right to know what EU leaders are proposing, and to have the possibility to influence them. There is a need to reinforce the dialogue; communication should become an EU policy in its own right […] Original post… » read more

And so, Orgalime will soon have a new President to oversee their European engineering affairs. Find out tomorrow (21 Nov) who will succeed Professor Edward Krubasik in the hot chair. Orgalime’s 52nd General Assembly meets in Brussels […] Original post by orgalime

UK political commentators are rather sceptical about yesterday’s “green conversion” of Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Labour governments of Mr Blair and now Mr Brown have been talking loads about the need to tackle climate change but their delivery record has not been as impressive as their rhetoric. Can Gordon Brown become Gordon Green? […]… » read more

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