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I already argued in earlier posts that population is the big taboo in our climate/energy crisis. Fortunately, there are some organisations which have the courage and leadership to address the issue, although I still feel they lack the political answers to deal with this issue. A new report by the UK’s Optimum Population Trust shows… » read more

I first spoke at a conference in favour of Britain joining the the Common Market in 1961 – at the request of Harold Macmillan who needed support for his forthcoming application to join. I have supported the idea ever since and ever more enthusiastically as I see what I had hoped for coming to pass.… » read more

It is an often repeated hope that new technologies should enable at least developing countries to get a jump start into the future. A phenomenon called leap-frogging. Indeed it happens and has happened only recently with the mobile phones. But we should not take it for granted that it happens and there are many […]… » read more

The impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the appointment of the 2009-2014 European Commission may not be widely realised. The President will be proposed by the European Council, after consultation and acting by a qualified majority, taking into account the elections to the European Parliament. He/she has to be appointed by an absolute majority of… » read more

It`s 16 February: 4 degrees above zero, strong winds from the East and with white powder moving along horizontal lines in the air. Yes, it`s snowing in the very South of Italy! I am just as unpleasantly surprised as the locals are. Still, a small assembly of people on the main square of Grottaglie steadily… » read more

Living close to the “Turkish” district in Brussels, I am used to young people celebrating in their cars after an important football play. But when looking more closely this afternoon I realised that it wasn’t Turkish or the Fenerbahçe flag they were waving. The name on the flag was Kosova.

Italians are often laughed at for living with their parents until they reach the age of 30 or sometimes even higher. Unfortunately for them, it is not only their mother`s cooking that keeps them at home. Original post by Bruno

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Here are some slides from the talk I gave in Berlin in January. In summary: Communication revolutions change the way we live together. They change culture, innovation, technology and the political process. We are at the middle of the second communication revolution. Internet is unleashing the human potential, the creativity, and allows the participation of… » read more

I urge the next President of the United States to read and apply the extraordinarily current words of John F Kennedy in Philadelphia on 4 July 1962: “But I will say here and now, on this Day of Independence, that the United States will be ready for a Declaration of Interdependence, that […] Original post… » read more

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”320″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Jonathan Manson presents the results of a survey conducted by the European Copper Institute (ECI) into the consequences for EU industry of poor power quality. These add up to €150bn annually, are mainly experienced by industry and caused by power interruptions (dips, surges, transients and short interruptions). Call for… » read more

Following a complaint by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), a Danish bailiff court issued on 4 February 2008 an injunction ordering Tele2, one of the major ISPs in Denmark, to block the access to the PirateBay domains. IFPI asked the court for this injunction because most of the materials referred on PirateBay are… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday, 18 January 2008 How best to heat a house is a question that is often hotly debated. On one side, it is a purely personal choice affecting our daily life and personal comfort and productivity. But on the other side, given the enormous amount of heating energy the global… » read more

After a short week of Malta, I am back in Italy. Today, I am finding out what I already knew: Italians are fond of talking. Whether in real life or over their mobile phone and in both cases, the conversation comes with the same gestures and facial expressions. When Italians are on the phone, it… » read more

Here is another proof that Europe’s climate “leadership” could quickly be eclipsed once the United States has fully woken up to the climate/energy challenge. A new report published yesterday by New Carbon Finance, one of the world’s leading carbon market analysts, shows that an American cap-and-trade system based on current proposals in the US Congress… » read more

Two days ago I took part in a debate on Europe’s progress towards a low-carbon economy. Some of the participants in the meeting defended the thesis that ONLY Europe can lead in the fight against climate change. I think this is complete nonsense. Europe might lead in political rhetoric about climate targets but its achievements… » read more

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