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This discussion webinar takes place on Friday, March 21th, from 14h30 to 15h30. Content The UK is taking the lead in sustainable building. In 2007, new housing regulations were agreed upon and go into full force in stages over the upcoming years. The regulations stipulate that from 2016 on, all new homes in the UK… » read more

The European Commission today published Regulation 259/2008 which requires EU member states to publish information on agriculture subsidies in April of every year. A milestone in EU transparency. But hopefully further ones will follow. Original post by brusselsblogger

Draft Recommendation on the implementation of privacy, data protection and information security principles in applications supported by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): your opinion matters! The Public Consultation will be open for a period of eight weeks and will finish on 25th April 2008. You may find also a translation of the consultation in French and… » read more

In the Guardian, George Monbiot calls carbon capture and storage “another great green scam”. “Like biofuels and micro wind turbines, carbon capture and storage turns out to be another great green scam. It will come too late to prevent runaway climate change; the government has no intention of enforcing it; and even if it had,… » read more

Another worrying news about Hungary’s demography: Hungary’s net immigration values went into negative values (Report in Hungarian). This means that after almost two decades Hungary has turned from an immigration target country into an emigration source country. Hungary has had a shrinking population for a longer while, but after the fall of Communism it had… » read more

José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, understood the importance of information sharing when he claimed: “Creating a knowledge society is essential to a durable, competitive Europe”. In a globalizing Europe, there is a need for knowledge sharing, a need for interaction and a need for cooperating. Inside Europe lives a community with different… » read more

Immigration is currently one of the largest challenges facing European societies. This has been declared the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, and one of its objectives is the promotion of interaction between Europeans and different cultures, languages, ethnic groups and religions on the continent and elsewhere. Erasmus has proved to be one of the most… » read more

In the last few years, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes, droughts, arson and conflicts have been unsettling European hearts with images of chaos, destruction and death. All the Aid sent from Europe is divided and uncoordinated, preventing a visual and global perception of the huge effort made by each of European country. We Europeans, however, now have… » read more

I ended my Bulgarian adventures in Varna and will continue my European mission in another `fresh` EU member state. Romania lived through many ups and downs during the 20th century is currently undergoing massive changes by its attempts to lift its economy and political system to European standards. Original post by Bruno

While Easter is approaching in Western Europe, it is still more than a month away in Bulgaria. Like the Western Christian religions, the Orthodox Church calculates the day for Easter based on the position of the moon. References to the Gregorian and the Julian calendar are responsible for the difference in dates. Here`s a short… » read more

Europe’s energy-intensive industries surely have done a great job in the last six months convincing European policymakers that stringent CO2 measures for their sector would lead to relocations and thus “carbon leakage”. As a result of this successful lobbying, EU leaders last week felt obliged to make promises to protect these industries by possibly giving… » read more

A new survey issued in the Eurobarometer investigates the attitudes of the Europeans to the environment. The survey is interesting and encouraging reading. The Europeans are distinctly prepared to rise to their responsibility towards environment and climate, and for a sustainable future. Not less than two thirds say that they consider that environmental protection to… » read more

The Spring Summit of European political leaders has been another showcase of why this generation of policymakers will be unable to deal with the current climate-energy chaos. Although the 27 decided to support the Commission’s climate/energy package, short-term protection of European (or better German, French, and other national) economic interests and jobs is still much… » read more

Another modern touch in the updated Lisbon Strategy is a reference to Open access to knowledge and Open innovation, both in the context of 5th freedom: “Member States and the EU must remove barriers to the free movement of knowledge by creating a “fifth freedom” based on enhancing the cross-border mobility of researchers, as well… » read more

The economic and social future of Europe is mainly outlined in a strategy called “Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs”. Launched in 2000 it provides the blueprint for Europe staying competitive in the globlized economy. It so happened that at the Spring European Council ending Friday, Europe is launching the next three year cycle. The… » read more

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