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I commend you to read the briefing on Tibet in today’s ‘The Economist’. The briefing has been written by James Miles, its Beijing correspondent, who happened to be there and was allowed to stay from 12 to 19 March. Nowhere are European and Chinese misperceptions further apart than over the Dalai Lama and Tibet. It… » read more

The Initiative for VRGH 2008 Main goal: This initiative is to conduct a survey of global health needs and challenges and the roles of the WHO through both public consultations and experts’ discussions around the globe, aiming to provide the Report in late 2008. Process: For this survey a questionnaire will be open to the… » read more

My EPC colleagues, Antonio Missiroli and Jérôme Bacquias, have just written an interesting paper following the resignation of Markos Kyprianou and the one-month ‘unpaid leave’ taken by Franco Frattini, speculating that these may not be the last to leave the Barroso team prior to October 2009. A comparable trend emerged in the final months of… » read more

At a moment when the world is celebrating International Day Against Racism on 21st March, commemorating the killing of 69 Black demonstrators at a peaceful protest against apartheid laws in Sharpeville, South Africa, in 1960, it is opportune to reflect on how the European Union is taking forward its commitment to combat all forms of… » read more

Is the current chaos in the financial sector the beginning of a global systemic collapse? Two of my favourite American authors certainly seem to think so. Thomas Homer-Dixon, the author of the excellent “Upside of Down“, goes as far as to claim “Global capitalism teeters on the brink” in an opinion piece for the online… » read more

Three EU member neighbors of Serbia – Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria – have recognized Kosovo today. The number of states that have recognized the new European state has risen to 33. The move of the three neighbors brought exceptionally high tension in Serbia. Serbia has recalled its Hungarian ambassador promptly. These three countries have fought… » read more

There must be something fundamentally wrong with a world when • submortgage losses are estimated at $300-400bn • one stealth bomber costs $1.2bn • one country is spending annually $150bn in Iraq • over one million people do not have access to clean water. Original post by crossick

The FT Harris poll revealed that a clear majority of the combined citizens of Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK believes that the EU must choose a high profile figure as its first president, such as Angela Merkel or Tony Blair. This would rule out Jean-Claude Juncker and Anders Fogh Rasmussen. However, Merkel still appears… » read more

The U.S. has upset the EU with granting visa free travel to Czech citizens on a bilateral basis, which was followed by similar agreements wit Hungary, Estonia and Latvia. Similar agreements are expected with other Central European countries. The new, former Communist EU member states are usually have a better relationship with the U.S. than… » read more

This discussion webinar takes place on Friday, March 21th, from 14h30 to 15h30. Content The UK is taking the lead in sustainable building. In 2007, new housing regulations were agreed upon and go into full force in stages over the upcoming years. The regulations stipulate that from 2016 on, all new homes in the UK… » read more

The European Commission today published Regulation 259/2008 which requires EU member states to publish information on agriculture subsidies in April of every year. A milestone in EU transparency. But hopefully further ones will follow. Original post by brusselsblogger

Draft Recommendation on the implementation of privacy, data protection and information security principles in applications supported by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): your opinion matters! The Public Consultation will be open for a period of eight weeks and will finish on 25th April 2008. You may find also a translation of the consultation in French and… » read more

In the Guardian, George Monbiot calls carbon capture and storage “another great green scam”. “Like biofuels and micro wind turbines, carbon capture and storage turns out to be another great green scam. It will come too late to prevent runaway climate change; the government has no intention of enforcing it; and even if it had,… » read more

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