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How do you promote an event?

With so many events related to EU policy each year it has become almost impossible for an organisation to generate any additional publicity. Unless the event is on an incredible scale and of huge importance, outreach is almost impossible. Things have become so difficult that even events on important topics with high-profile participants are difficult to promote.

Most organisations face an added problem: they are trying to reach and influence people in Brussels, a highly specialised group that reads very focused publications.

Can you use the internet to promote an event?

As the numbers of people online continues to expand there is an ever larger potential audience for even the smallest niches and subjects. The internet – and the major search engines – can be an excellent way of positioning your content in front of that audience permanently.

Not only can the search engines be used to position content for the long-term, it is also possible to promote an event at the time of the event by using the internet. Online social media – known as Web 2.0 – can be used to provide an audience as and when an event takes place.

There are many social platforms available to syndicate online content to a potentially wide audience. Platforms such as, and provide audiences looking for news.

These sites take newsworthy events from around the world and allow users to choose the news they see. This opens up a story or article to a broader potential audience in ways that an editor or broadcaster cannot.

Why use a blog?

In the online social media world, blogs have become the communications channel of choice.

Popular blogs are widely read, have many more potential syndication methods than ordinary static web pages, are easy to use and are loved by Google. In other words, they are an online communicators dream!

However, setting up a blog and expecting an immediate audience is also a dream. Online marketing requires time, effort, financial resources and specialised knowledge. This applies to blogs just as it does to other web sites.

Therefore, a better approach is to open a blog on an established platform where promotion and an audience are already in place.

An even better strategy is to open a blog on an established platform with an audience interested in your subject. This would enable your blog to reach a targeted audience almost immediately and build the online presence that Google and the other search engines look for before they list and rank content.


The Blogactiv platform is targeted at high-quality, expert generated blog content relating to the European Union, EU affairs and politics. We are proud to be able to host the content from some leading EU thinkers and writers.

These leading commentators and links to and from the parent site,, help Blogactiv to generate an EU focused audience. Many of our visitors are within the “Brussels bubble” and work for NGOs, think tanks, consultancies, lobbying organisations or within the European Institutions.

Our rolling homepage means that all high-quality content posted on Blogactiv will receive an audience virtually immediately. For good content, this exposure is often better than a press release or statement.

What is a Blogactiv Event Blog?

Blogactiv can help you to promote an event, raise awareness of a subject, increase visibility and create an interactive online record of the event.

We can create a blog around the subject of your topic or organisation and then attend and film elements of your event. At previous events, we have been interviewed high-level participants and attendees. This has helped to provide a record of the thoughts and policy positions of those involved.

Two great examples of a Blogactiv event blog can be found here and here. Both clients were pleased with the outcomes of these events, the outreach they achieved and their additional goodwill generated with participants. Their thoughts can be read here and here.

How can a Blogactiv Event Blog help your event?

A Blogactiv event blog can help you to:

• Increase the online visibility for your event

• Influence and interest readers about your subject

• Impress online visitors with innovative communications

If you would like to know more about our event blogs and how they might be able to assist your event and organisation, please click here and contact us by email at …

What are you trying to achieve? Get in touch and find out how we might be able to help!


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