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by Bill Hemmings, aviation manager at Transport & Environment As the crowds admire all the new aircraft and high-tech displays at Paris Bourget this week, it’s important to remember that the aviation sector faces a serious and growing challenge if it is to adequately rise to the climate change challenge. International aviation emissions have grown 90… » read more

Finis mundi?

Recently, the minister of foreign affairs of Montenegro, Igor Lukšić, enthusiastically stated that 2014 was “one more year very significant in achieving the Montenegrin foreign policy priorities”. It would not surprise me if, among all the “achievements,” he also included the fact that, in November 2014, Montenegro abstained during the vote in the UN on… » read more

Next Monday October 4 we will know, if a new Dutch Government composed of Conservative Liberals (VVD) and Christian Democrats (CDA), passively supported by the Islamophobe PVV contraption of Mr. Geert Wilders, will ask for confidence in the Dutch Parliament. If all turns out well for Mr. Mark Rutte, the VVD party leader and Prime… » read more

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