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EU’s Parliament show

Congrats to the EU Parliament, a big leap for the EU and for Humanity Shulz gave a call to the Turkish Prime Minister and told him that he was not involved in that vote. By saying this he just mocked. That’s revealing, this behaviour conveys the true spirit of the EU. Well the EU Parliament… » read more

Old Elite in a New World

As Kader Sevinç said in her paper for Euractiv , one of the main challenges for our generation is to better conduct the transition toward a transnational world in order to be able to providing solutions in accordance with our expectations and values. EU has difficulties to find solutions, and should deal with institutional and… » read more

10 June 2014 Tuesday 10:35 Kader Sevinç, a poet whose book “Kırık Ülke / Broken Country” is recently published, met her readers at a book signing held at Aziz Kedi Kitabevi in Galatasaray / İstanbul on April 8. Sevinç developed an original language in her poetry and formed the backbone of the poetry with the… » read more

CHP AND THE GEZI MOVEMENT Introduction The Gezi Movement was a large-scale social movement, demonstrating to the entire world that large parts of society in Turkey have adopted a democratic culture. The Gezi Movement developed spontaneously, was not orchestrated from a domestic or international centre, and lacked any hierarchy, as scientific studies and all relevant… » read more

Vienna/Istanbul – An Austrian woman who says she was a rape victim was sentenced, in absentia, to four months in prison by a Dubai court Monday on charges of having sex and drinking alcohol, the Austrian Foreign Ministry reported. The 29-year-old Austrian student had reported to Dubai police in early December that she was raped… » read more

Turkey-EU Timeline 01-09-1959, Turkey applies for associate membership in the European Economic Community (EEC).  01-09-1963, Association agreement (“Ankara Agreement”) is signed by Ismet Inönü.  14-04-1987, Turkey’s membership application tothe European Economic Community (EEC), 01-01-1995 Turkey-EU Association Council finalises agreement creating a customs union. 01-12-1997, Luxembourg Council summit declares Turkey eligible to become EU member. 01-03-2001,… » read more

Sertab Erener – Episode VI

‘Here I am’ ‘Rengarenk’ (the electric guitar is particularly beautiful) ‘Rengarenk’ (a very good classical live version) Yours sincerely, Cem

Sertab Erener – Episode V

A beautiful album. ‘Akşam oldu hüzünlendim ben yine’ ‘Niçin baktın bana öyle?’ ‘Fikrimin ince gülü’ ‘Dönülmez akşamın ufkundayız’ Yours sincerely, Cem

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