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En materia de política económica demasiadas veces nos hemos dejado llevar por el determinismo de la ortodoxia vigente. La manera en que tenemos de afrontar las crisis  tiene mucho que ver con la doctrina dominante en el momento o con la que los mercados decidan primar en cada caso. Pero no deberíamos olvidar que la… » read more

In the last eight years US energy and climate policy has made impressive strides towards sustainability. This is due essentially to President Obama who has invested more in climate policy than any other US President, overcoming the ideological opposition from public opinion and Congress through recourse to executive orders. Over decades US fossil energy consumption… » read more

Agendas for Change

This year the ECPA’s Annual Conference takes place under the shadow of the continuing argument about the regulation of lobbying in the European Union. We will be discussing this in the context of our debate on the findings from this year’s State of Public Affairs Questionnaire. We will however continue to be true to our… » read more

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