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A demonstrator dressed in a Rupert Murdoch mask controls puppets of British Prime Minister David Cameron (Foreground) and British Minister for Culture, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt, (R) during a protest against Murdoch’s proposed takeover of BSkyB, in London, on July 8, 2011. Police arrested David Cameron’s ex-media chief over Britain’s phone hacking scandal on… » read more

There will always be anti-war protesters. Yet, as long as objectives are clear and backed by UN, masses will buy in. And that is precisely the issue with this new war. During weeks, the international community was slow to move on a common position. Suddenly, all wrapped up in hours, from resolution to first strikes.… » read more

The environment problem caused by cities may include some environment solutions for the planet. For example, BedZED in Greater London represents a successful environmentally-friendly district although it failed on the socio-economic principles. (See Cities, problem or solution to the environment crisis? 1/2) There is an area in Malmo which economical, social and ecological transformations have been… » read more

Looking at Russia, Pakistan or China this summer, we can bet environment will come back on people radars and political agendas. Let’s face it: no viable and timely global solution exist for current population and CO2 emissions. But as population growth is part of the risk, I am curious how Europe is positioned to building… » read more

Europa droht ein Double-Dip

Enttäuschende Zahlen aus                                       Frankreich und Deutschland verunsichern Vancouver, 26. Februar 2010 Für Naschkatzen hat der Begriff Double Dip eine wesentlich positivere Bedeutung als für die Ökonomen. Bei Brausepulver, Schokolade, Gebäck und süßen Drinks ist das zweimalige Eintauchen gemeint, der doppelte Genuss der zarten Versuchung. Frei nach dem Motto, eine Sünde kann auch zwei Mal süß sein. Bei den… » read more

“Countries don´t go Bust”   (Walter Wriston, Citibank chairman 1970s) Vancouver, 25. Februar 2010   Das Bild geht mir seit Tagen nicht aus dem Kopf: Der australische Magier und Illusionskünstler Cosentino ließ sich in der vergangenen Woche mit 60 Kilo Zement an den Füßen – sowie in Fußeisen und Handschellen verpackt – in das Haifischbecken des Aquariums von Melbourne versenken.  … » read more

Italy: Lybia Pay-Off for ‘Colonial Mistakes’: From the Roman Invasion (Julius Caesar v Buddug/Bodicea) Through the AngloSaxon, Norman Theft of British Land, Resources, Labour power etc,. Through The English Empire Colonisation – to the present day.

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