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This month British, American and many Commonwealth countries celebrate the Magna Carta of 15 June 1215. The document signed at Runnymede by King John at the insistence of English and Welsh barons reaffirmed ancient British rights, some of them dating back more than a thousand years before King John. That is well before the fifth… » read more

The hard path to the approval of Lisbon Treaty highlights the unresolved problems of minorities in Eastern and Central Europe. The hasty accession to EU of new countries since 2004, has left minorities issues far behind. Problems turn up every time European Union intends to take a step forward. The new wording of the Treaty… » read more

Thoughts from Hollywood

I’ve moved on from Connemara – to Hollywood: In Hollywood I long to be, no, not the place across the sea, But in County Wicklow, Ireland’s lovely garden, Where no pretenders will you find, but decent people warm and kind, And flocks of friendly sheep into the bargain. This is from the song Changing your… » read more

Connemara and Europe

The tourists here in Connemara this week are mainly French and German. Many French people have a very specific knowledge of the region and I suppose most French people have heard of the place from the song “Les Lacs de Connemara” sung by Michel Sardou. The fact that President de Gaulle loved Connemara was no… » read more

Ireland has had a pretty awful summer. It has rained every day, the recession is beginning to bite and, of course, we tried to ruin everyone else’s holiday by rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. Several surveys following the referendum confirmed that Irish citizens did not regret that decision one bit. In fact increasing numbers claim that… » read more

The Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is a tragedy, yes, but a tragedy in the sense of ancient Greek theater, in which both sides are right and both wrong. The Irish “no” camp claims it wants a better deal, more democratic, with a directly elected foreign minister and president of the European Council (EU… » read more

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