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After the second vote on prior actions yesterday, the Greek government has achieved to close a big chapter that started last February. Prior actions have passed by the Parliament with absolute majority, as SYRIZA and ANEL coalition government got the support from opposition parties New Democracy, PASOK and The River. For the next 10 days… » read more

Most politicians hailed the outcome of the second referendum on the same Lisbon Treaty. Not surprisingly, the loudest amongst them were the Brussels Eurocrats whose proliferation and revenue are further secured by the Treaty (Apostolov 2009b, Apostolov 2009a).   Some politicians were even insolent enough to claim that the second referendum that the Irish folk… » read more

USSR Reloaded?

(Third edition)    One man with courage makes a majority. Andrew Jackson     In a historic second referendum on a treaty changing the way the European Community functions (the Treaty of Lisbon amending the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty establishing the European Community (Conference of the Representatives of the Governments of the… » read more

Thoughts from Hollywood

I’ve moved on from Connemara – to Hollywood: In Hollywood I long to be, no, not the place across the sea, But in County Wicklow, Ireland’s lovely garden, Where no pretenders will you find, but decent people warm and kind, And flocks of friendly sheep into the bargain. This is from the song Changing your… » read more

Connemara and Europe

The tourists here in Connemara this week are mainly French and German. Many French people have a very specific knowledge of the region and I suppose most French people have heard of the place from the song “Les Lacs de Connemara” sung by Michel Sardou. The fact that President de Gaulle loved Connemara was no… » read more

Ireland has had a pretty awful summer. It has rained every day, the recession is beginning to bite and, of course, we tried to ruin everyone else’s holiday by rejecting the Lisbon Treaty. Several surveys following the referendum confirmed that Irish citizens did not regret that decision one bit. In fact increasing numbers claim that… » read more

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