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At the beginning of this year, the European Commission proposed to give individual member states the power to ban the use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients in human and animal food. With the anti-GMO movement gaining steam in Europe, we’ve witnessed various early reactions to that proposal. The proposal has also been recently severely criticized… » read more

Where Is This Soya?

Have any of you ever heard of the Danube Soya Initiative…? That’s what I thought. It is Europe’s most significant (and only) attempt to boost conventional non-GM soya production in countries along the banks of the Danube River. Why do we need to boost the production you ask? Because European farmers and our animals are… » read more

“It’s just like that Tom Hanks film!” I cried – half rejoicing, half rattled. The breaking news last month that the European Commission had rubber-stamped seventeen GM maize, cotton, soybean and oil-seed rape (and even two GM carnations) import approvals, after months and in-some-cases years of delays, left me momentarily giddy. Because yes, some of… » read more

Guest post by Zuzana Stratilová from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Biotrin. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their use, especially in agriculture and food industry, remain a controversial topic in the EU. Opinions of different member states are highly polarized. On the one hand, there are member states which… » read more

Guest blog post by Julian Little, Chair of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council. I was recently speaking to a member of the animal feed supply chain who informed me that the amount of animal feed (most of which is genetically modified) to Europe equated to the combined weight of every person in the European Union –… » read more

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