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Bridging Europe published last Friday the first poll towards snap elections in September 20. It is very early and unsafe to provide a solid assessment, but two things are certain: first, undecided voters will define the final turnout; second, coalition government is the most probable scenario. Syriza Alexis Tsipras is the most popular among Greek… » read more

For the time being, snap elections is the worst case scenario for most members of the Greek government, the opposition, the business world. The biggest part of the electorate is hugely disappointed with the performance of the Greek government so far (i.e. see nationwide poll of Bridging Europe), especially after the government capitulated to the… » read more

After an all-night session and a lot of drama, the Greek Parliament voted in favor of the third bailout deal. Amid fierce debates, personal accusations, complaints against Zoe Konstantopoulou, the President of the Parliament, for impeding the process, and a deeper rupture inside Syriza party, Greek Minister of Finance Tsakalotos is now negotiating -or better… » read more

The draft of the ESM bailout saw the light earlier today after the conclusion of the final, technical talks between the Greek delegation and the creditors. From the 35 actions that are needed to pass through the Parliament the coming days, 20 of them are unclear on their essence and argumentation. Why is that? From… » read more

The research and communication services center Bridging Europe is strongly embarking into the field of opinion polling in Greece, attempting to cover the widening gap of information with regards to political developments in Greece, the coverage of the Greek crisis, the complex economic and social environment that has been created since January 2015 and the… » read more

Last Thursday the Central Committee of Syriza convened to discuss over the preparation of an extraordinary or permanent party congress. As simple as this decision might sound, the discussions and speeches had a deeply disappointing tone with regards to the development of the bailout talks and the government policy on this issue so far. Notwithstanding,… » read more

The Central Committee of the ruling party Syriza convenes tomorrow, Thursday, to debate upon the bailout talks. The Political Secretariat decided yesterday, after discussions with PM Tsipras, that its is indispensable for the party to abide by internal rules and give the voice to its members and elected representatives to accept or reject the bailout… » read more

  Guest blog post by Stelios Christopoulos, former EU Official. For many desperate Greeks, the young and energetic PM Tsipras and his Game theory-addicted Minister of Finance had represented the last chance to see the back of the austerity that accompanied the bailout money and ruined their lives. When on 13 July, a week after the referendum of… » read more

After the second vote on prior actions yesterday, the Greek government has achieved to close a big chapter that started last February. Prior actions have passed by the Parliament with absolute majority, as SYRIZA and ANEL coalition government got the support from opposition parties New Democracy, PASOK and The River. For the next 10 days… » read more

The outcome of fiscal measures voting yesterday in the Greek Parliament was positive for Eurozone leaders. The measures passed with absolute majority as Syriza coalition partner Independent Greeks, the front opposition New Democracy, PASOK, and The River voted in favor. But Syriza had major losses, as 39 MPs voted against or abstain. Amid these MPs,… » read more

The outcome of the 17-hour long meeting of Eurozone leaders last Sunday was a huge blow for the Greek government. Amidst rumors that the Greek PM Tsipras was blackmailed to agree with any measure put in the table, both by the United States and Eurozone leaders, and despite the outstanding support of Greek PM in… » read more

Es ist wie ein Déja-vu: Nachdem Finanzspekulanten 1992 das britische Pfund angriffen und das Europäische Währungssystem fast sprengten, rückte die EU enger zusammen: Sie gebar die Währungsunion und den Euro. Nun galt der Angriff – massiver als damals – europäischen Staatsanleihen, und die EU muss daraus ebenfalls mehr Konsequenzen ziehen als nur einen Rettungsschirm: Wir… » read more

Europa droht ein Double-Dip

Enttäuschende Zahlen aus                                       Frankreich und Deutschland verunsichern Vancouver, 26. Februar 2010 Für Naschkatzen hat der Begriff Double Dip eine wesentlich positivere Bedeutung als für die Ökonomen. Bei Brausepulver, Schokolade, Gebäck und süßen Drinks ist das zweimalige Eintauchen gemeint, der doppelte Genuss der zarten Versuchung. Frei nach dem Motto, eine Sünde kann auch zwei Mal süß sein. Bei den… » read more

Sparen in Europa zwischen Sicherheit und Stimulus Vancouver, 2. Februar 2010 Griechenland wackelt, der Euro schwächelt, die Politik ist zerstritten oder gelähmt, die Märkte noch schwach, die Erholung fraglich, zumindest fragil. Das ist die aktuelle Perspektive eines ganz normalen Straßeneuropäers; in den USA würde man die fiktive Figur “Joe Sixpack” nennen. Während die Medien – munitioniert… » read more

Ok so been listening to a lot (too much!) of the UK media comment on prospective UK membership of the eurozone now that the pound is collapsing….consensus seems to be (consistnent with my previous posts) that UK citizens continue to feel pride in the picture of the sovereign on their notes and imaginery bridges simply… » read more

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