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Economy of the New Age

In this analytical article and mini investigation i`ll try to discover the modern types of economy.   In the many families the brothers have the same interests because of surrounding soil (atmosphere). . Economy of the European Union becomes similar to the economy of the United States of America, namely the EU economy repeats way… » read more

Die deutsche Bankenaufsicht (Bafin) hat letzte Woche für einen vermeintlichen Paukenschlag gesorgt und die ungedeckten Leerverkäufe in Deutschland verboten. Die Euro-Finanzminister haben sich auf strengere Regeln für Hedgefonds geeinigt. Europa hat damit der neuen konservativ-liberalen Regierung in Großbritannien gleich ihre Grenzen aufgezeigt. Das Großbritannien nur sehr wenig Lust daran hat, Hedgefonds zu regulieren, schein angesichts… » read more

The euro, once billed by Gerhard Schröder as the most important step towards European integration, celebrates its 10th birthday in June. Since its conception in Maastricht and its 1998 birth, it has come a long way—but what challenges now face the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) as it moves towards maturity? The euro’s first decade… » read more

When it comes to private equity it seems that there is an ill wind blowing right through Europe. The credit boom, and now the credit crunch, have brought the activities of private equity firms under ever closer public scrutiny. Writing in this month’s Cicero briefer, the former Danish Prime Minister and now MEP, Poul Nyrup… » read more

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