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Boulevard to Geneva 2

Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG) The utmost anticipated high level diplomatic talks in Geneva whose foremost objective is to end war in Syria have to deal with several incongruities. The Russian and the US officials deviate on the structure of the proposed conference basically on who will be going to represent the… » read more

In this political analytical issue i want to reveal and find solutions of modern societies’ problems. Changing it`s better to say improving migration policy of USA which forms mr. Obama`s isn`t reply only for me but for million of american`s who suffers from unqualified residents ( I and other rational people can`t fail to appreciate… » read more

In this article i observe the problems and solution of political and economical system of European Union. My regards,  my readers looking the problems of Euro Zone i see great problems which are not underscored by any EU institutions, scientist and officers worldwide. Even more i`m sure that without watching economical news which influents on… » read more

Whose values? 2/2

Following ECFR European Foreign Policy Scorecard I find one important question for national policy makers: how relevant are global governance and EU foreign policy for different groups of states? We have witnessed the dominant behaviour of the biggest states (France, Germany, UK) and scorecard shows relative inaction of Greece, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Malta,… » read more

David: slower, more thoughtfully. François: faster, to the point. Competitiveness, flexibility, sovereignty of the Member States, democratic responsibility and justice, these are five principles of the reform announced by David Cameron. Also President of France, François Hollande, presented today his vision of the EU. Just as it has been in the history, also today, when… » read more

Time to Lead

Angela Merkel and I do not agree on much. I think that the austerity programmes throughout Europe a quite harmful for the European project and the member states themselves. But I do admire her on one specific point: Her love for Europe and her determination to save the Euro and maybe also large parts of… » read more

Elecciones nacionales y política europeaLa elección presidencial francesa demuestra, una vez más, hasta qué punto Europa es tributaria de los procesos electorales nacionales. Todo parece indicar que la elección de François Hollande puede llevar a una revisión del Pacto Fiscal impuesto por Alemania a través del añadido de un protocolo sobre crecimiento y empleo. Sería… » read more

INTERVIEW:Dr. FLORIN CHIRCULESCU Florin Chirculescu is the chief of the Thoracic Surgery Department at the “Spitalul Universitar” Hospital of Bucharest. He is also the trade union leader of the Doctors’ Federation “Dr I. Cantacuzino”. In February 2009, surgeon Florin Chirculescu addressed a public letter to Ion Bazac, who was, at the time, Romania’s Ministry of… » read more

PROPOSAL: Elder people

Elder people should be encouraged to remain active as long as they want to, and as long as their health state permits it.

Many youth decide to follow the courses of an educational institution without knowing if that particular career fits their personality or not. Furthermore, most of the theoretic courses don’t prepare students for the real-life experience of a certain profession.

A scientist working on drug screening is interesting in two things: first, to know whether the drug candidate is effective against cancer cells, and secondly, to understand the way the drug is killing cancer cells.

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