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Trade marks and geographical indications are intellectual property rights, they are trade distintctive signs, but there are several differences between them, especially concerning the legal regime and juridical nature. They share the same principles that are common to all intellectual property rights, but with some specialities. Geographical indications and trade marks are two very interesting… » read more

Hello world!

This is my new blog on  My other blog, Central Europe Active has a regional focus. With this new one, Eurojoule, I start blogging about a theme that interests me: the generation, transmission, storage and consumption of energy, and its consequences on the environment and the market economy.  I will start with a few… » read more

Environmental impact of the PV life-cycle   All means of electricity generation, including photovoltaic (PV) systems, create polluting emissions when the entire life-cycle is taken into account. In the case of PV systems, those emissions are concentrated in the manufacturing stage. PV manufacturing is energy intensive, resulting in the emissions that accompany the use of… » read more

If postal operators are to continue to push towards operating “greener”, then the next logical question should be who should pay for this transition? Should the individual operators burden the entire cost? Or would you be in favor of subsidising the costs with increased stamp and service prices? Or could you accept “different/new/more sustainable” services… » read more

Green Week 2008

The European Commission’s DG on Environment will be hosting their annual Green Week event from 3 – 6 June in Brussels. Green Week 2008 will take a closer look  at the sustainable use of natural resources, focusing on waste management, sustainable consumption and production. PostEurop will be there representing our 48 member Postal operators from… » read more

Going Postal Green?

With the environment on most everyone’s mind, PostEurop would like to take this opportunity to hear what the public has to say about how European Postal Operators could reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ on society. Welcome to Postal Questions – Europe! We are constantly trying to address the sustainability of the Postal sector with respect to climate change issues. Who… » read more

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