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  As known, the elections are drawing near. The Presidential elections which will be held on June 24 will also determine the names of the deputies for the twenty-seventh term of office. In the presidential elections 6 candidates will run for office, the Council of Higher Election declared them as follows: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Muharrem… » read more

  Posted by BBurak

Le 6 février dernier, le gouvernement polonais a proposé une loi mémorielle assez controversée à propos de la Shoah, génocide juif de la seconde guerre mondiale. Cette loi prévoit de poursuivre en justice « quiconque attribue à la nation ou à l’État polonais, de façon publique et en dépit des faits, la responsabilité ou la… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

We should reassess our approach to the European Union as an additional source of revenue for our national budget. It is nonsensical to calculate whether we pay more into the EU treasury than we receive in form of subsidies. European finances must address Europe-wide challenges, not substitute our own national investment in infrastructure or kindergartens.… » read more

  Posted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

On April 26, the European Commission presented its plan to address disinformation. So far (48 hours after publication), there has not been much press reporting, the following links are however not exhaustive. The EU Communication encompasses a code of practice developed by online platforms, to be published by July 2018. It also encourages media literacy… » read more

  Posted by Media4EU

Brexit under the radar

If the House of Commons, Council and European Parliament are to approve any deal by 29 March 2019, negotiations will need to be done by the end of October 2018 at the latest. Taking into account the summer break, that is basically tomorrow! Not only have talks been advancing at a snail’s pace for months,… » read more

  Posted by Daniel Gueguen

In an interview released to the Press Service of the European Parliament on Wednesday 28th February 2018, the ALDE member Javier Nart called for more ways to address a global security issue that has concerned Community and international institutions for a long time now, namely terrorism funding. The Spanish Member of the European Parliament (MEP)… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

Gas transit contracts between Gazprom and Naftogaz will expire on December 31, 2019. It means that Russia won’t have legal grounds to supply gas to Europe via the Ukrainian gas system. In order to continue supplies, Europe has to make an important decision about the transit routes. Further use of the Ukrainian pipelines and construction… » read more

  Posted by Ukrainian Think Tanks Liaison Office in Brussels

By Margherita Tolotto, the EEB Policy Officer for Air and Noise. This week’s summit of EU environment ministers is a welcome opportunity to move air pollution to the top of the political agenda. Announcing the summit in a blog post last week, Commissioner Vella said that a Europe that cares “cannot sit by as 400,000… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

The Greek members of Parliament have adopted on 15 January a very controversial measure, by a 154 to 141 vote, that affects the right to go on strike in the country. Already overwhelmed by many fiscal crises in recent years, Greece must continually face new austerity reforms proposed by its government. This time, the population… » read more

  Posted by EU-Logos

  Guest post by Doriane de Lestrange, lawyer focusing on EU Regulatory law   The High Level Group on Fake News is about to hold its inaugural meeting this January 2018, at a time where more and more Member States are addressing this topic at national level thus pressuring the EU Commission to act against… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

The HLG on “fake news” will advise the EU Commission on misinformation spreading across traditional and social media, and how to cope with its social and political consequences. All foreseen categories are present: 8 academics, 11 representatives of the written press & journalist unions, 7 from broadcast news, 7 from civil society and fact-checking, and… » read more

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