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CECIMO press release

Industrializing “additive manufacturing” for a competitive and sustainable economy At the “Additive Manufacturing European Conference” organized by CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool industries, at the European Parliament in Brussels on 23 June, high level representatives from industry, academia, EU institutions, think tanks and standardisation organisations discussed how to achieve the full-scale industrialisation of… » read more

The European Union is acting as a great source of poverty at the moment. The period from 2008-2013 has seen an unprecedented increase in unemployment levels, that a monetary union could not solve. Spending cuts, a growing divide inbetween how the young and the old approach society, social security troubles, are all different for each… » read more

In this article i observe the problems and solution of political and economical system of European Union. My regards,  my readers looking the problems of Euro Zone i see great problems which are not underscored by any EU institutions, scientist and officers worldwide. Even more i`m sure that without watching economical news which influents on… » read more

This article seeks to add to the growing voice calling for an urgent return to the EU’s core values: democracy, prosperity, progress (e.g. Gabriel, 2011; Mallias, 2012a,b). Intra-EU processes of negotiation today, especially in the sphere of the economy, are going against the Union’s ethos, practice and mission. Seeing the peripheral member states changing governments, […]

By introducing European Semester, the flagship of today’s European economic programme and by being authorized to somewhat control national budgets, the Commission wants to be seen as primus inter pares among the member states. But there are three possible obstacles too. First – authorization This authorization is not wrong in itself, what we can be… » read more

Reining in the U.S. Fed

Congress created America’s current central bank the Federal Reserve System in 1913. As with all central banks its role ultimately is determined by the political process. The Fed is tasked with more than simply issuing and maintaining the value of the dollar: the world’s reserve currency. Under the 1978 the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment and Balanced… » read more

Für die deutsche Wirtschaft ist es essentiell, dass sie auch in einigen Jahren noch sicher mit Rohstoffen versorgt wird. Was kann die Bundesregierung tun, um eine sichere Versorgung zu ermöglichen? Was tun andere Länder?   Deutschland hält sich meines Erachtens stark zurück im Rohstoff Monopoly. Während China und andere asiatische Länder die zukünftigen Engpässe des… » read more

The March release of PES report is online! This month the main focus is on gender equality, with two clips about the Women in politics conference hosted by the Socialist Group in the European Parliament and on the first European Day of Action – Championing Gender Equality. Moreover you can find more on the latest… » read more

Housing slump, financial crisis, economic recession, business confidence falling….there is no shortage of headlines telling us that, to put it politely, we are facing deteriorating economic circumstances.  The impact will likely be felt from the corporate boardroom to developing world aid programs and everything in between.   If companies cut back R&D spending and if resources for… » read more

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