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Still stumbling towards the exit Running out of patience with British politicians? In my latest article on all things Brexit (9 February) I explain why the Westminster parliament and parties find themselves split and emasculated – and have only themselves to blame. I have precious little sympathy for those Remainers who voted blithely to promote… » read more

  Posted by Andrew Duff - On Governing Europe

Not so free trade?

Britain’s splendid, free-booting, liberal traders, now leading the UK into the economic wild blue yonder, believe that most of the world’s trading nations will be queuing up to sign lots of lovely, lucrative trade deals as the country breaks away from the European Union. They are in for a nasty shock. Most obviously, most of… » read more

  Posted by Brian Gardner's Blog

Going backwards from Brexit

“Have you gone mad?”, is the most frequent question from mainland European friends on the sore-vexed issue of Britain’s Gadarene flight from Europe. They are of course not questioning my sanity, but that of the thirty-seven per cent of the British electorate who voted on June 23 to leave the European Union. For without a… » read more

  Posted by Brian Gardner's Blog

With the go-ahead from the House of Commons and Article 50 invocation in sight, Theresa May is in full Brexit-hawking mode. In her second major trip abroad to advertise the post-EU UK, Britain’s Prime Minister embarked on a high-profile visit to Bahrain this week to address Gulf leaders and discuss security cooperation but also, critically,… » read more

  Posted by The Euro Economy

The meanings of Brexit

What does Brexit really mean? A good place to start is the question voters were asked on 23rd June: should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the EU? So at the very least we can say that Britain will at some point cease to be a member of the EU… » read more

  Posted by Fritz Groothues

We are used to think that Fascism somehow belongs to the past, something that somehow is gone. But I don’t think that this is appropriate anymore. The last months have shown that Fascism seems to be very much alive, probably in a new way. Some of the typical characteristics of Fascism are having a very… » read more

  Posted by The future of the European Union

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