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Ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs International cheerleads elected commissioners By David Gow “The present crisis is irredeemable without major political changes,” Sir Peter Sutherland, ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs International and of BP, told a Federal Trust/Konrad Adenauer Stiftung discussion group last night (Monday). His solution: a new growth strategy, led by Germany, and a fresh drive […]

By Peter Wilding Britain’s EU membership is not an affair of the heart but an accounting exercise, in which economic advantages (above all from membership of the single market) must be weighed against the costs of red tape, lost sovereignty, and taxpayers’ cash paid into the EU budget. So saysBagehot in today’s Economist, repeating baldly […]

The pain in Spain

Rajoy defends borrowing in face of criticism By Matthew Lewis Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has rebuked “statements from some European leaders” regarding his country’s borrowing, and warned them to “be cautious in what they say”. Rajoy warned that debt had created a “vicious circle that strangles Spain”, and called for eurozone leaders to focus on […]

The euro is a long way from both collapse and recovery. But no nearer one than the other. By David Seymour If wishing could cause the collapse of the euro, it would have vanished in a puff of smoke long ago. Those who for ideological reasons or simply a belief that they have been right […]

ECHR backs UK Government

Hamza and friends to be extradited to the US following European court decision By Matthew Lewis The Council of Europe has gone some way to gaining redemption in the eyes of the British press, with the news that the European Court of Human Rights hasbacked the extradition of Abu Hamzaand four other terror suspects from […]

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story! By David Seymour There used to be a joke among journalists that the perfect story combined religion, sex and mystery. The Daily Express has its own variation – a combination of immigration, welfare scroungers and Europe. So congratulations to whoever dreamt upyesterday’s story, […]

By David Gow Even the Daily Mail concedes EU ‘done good’ with a cap on mobile roaming fees, but UK press remains mute The good news from Europe is thus: the cost of data downloads to your smartphone or tablet while travelling in the EU is to plummet from July. The Commission, MEPs and governments […]

By Peter Wilding The British discourse about the euro is pretty much limited to a) shadenfreude and b) what happens when the euro falls apart. There is no serious consideration of what happens if the euro remains intact and the political consequence for the UK. As Stein Ringen says in the FTthis morning economists have cried […]

Bowing to the inevitable

By David Gow Berlin agrees to firewall boost, but falls short of market demands Ever the pragmatist, Angela Merkel is bowing to the inevitable and has signalled that Germany will lift its opposition to boosting the eurozone’s firewall(s) against sovereign debt contagion. On Friday, in Copenhagen, the eurogroup of finance ministers will formally approve the […]

By Matthew Lewis If there is one key area where the histories of the global financial crisis will differ between Anglo-American tellings, and eurozone accounts, it will be in the chapter entitled “Who was to blame?”. In Britain and America it was the banks who were to blame: Reckless borrowing, irresponsible lending, institutionalised rule-breaking. In […]

Le Comeback-Kid

By David Gow David Cameron’s judgment may well be vindicated: don’t write off Nicolas Sarkozy, he said, and, voila, lecomeback-kid remonte dans les sondages. The bloody end to the siege of Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Sarkozy’s handling of the brutal murder of seven in the “pink city” has given the president’s re-election campaign a significant […]

By Peter Wilding. Although the Telegraph thinks that our fellow Europeans will be riled, the UK is urging other European governments to adopt the newly-minted British system of financial supervision. Mark Hoban, UK financial services minister, said that the Financial Reporting Committee’s job would be “taking away the punchbowl” from overheated markets. Speaking at a regulatory […]

European tolerance failing as crisis deepens divides By David Gow. French politicians have called a halt to campaigning in the presidential elections because of the horrific spate of “motorbike” murders in Toulouse. The political class is said to be in shock at the obviously racist – and anti-semitic, anti-muslim – motives behind the killings. It […]

Advances on WTD outside the usual “Britain versus Europe” prism go unreported by David Gow The EU is now being blamed by sections of the British Press for the fact that NHS trusts are “forced” to pay agency doctors “footballers’ wages” or up to £20,000 a week at a cost to the service of £2bn over […]

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