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Everywhere on earth metropolitan areas suffer from growing congestion. The situation is bound to become worse, especially in emerging countries, as everybody wants to have a car. More individual traffic cannot be the answer, not the electric car, not even car-sharing. Cities have only one solution: extend their public transport systems, make them faster and […]

Just before Christmas the European Union Court of Justice successfully upheld EU law to include foreign airlines in its Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). From this month, the EU Aviation Directive will force all airlines to buy carbon credits for flights in and out of Europe. The response from large parts of the aviation industry has been […]

On the 19th of October, the European Commission has announced in a press release that it will invest 31.7 billion euros into the transport infrastructure of member countries in need. Until now, as the document states, rail and road networks have been developed within the EU on a national basis. Opportunities for interconnectivity have thus […]

Fondation EurActiv organised for Monday 28 March a lunchtime Stakeholder Workshop on transport emissions and the White Paper on the Future of Transport adopted by the European Commission that day. The workshop was organised with the support of ExxonMobil. Programme: The transport sector will have to reduce its emissions by 45-60% below 1990 levels if […]

TRANSPORT POLICY is usually seen as running counter to politicians’ rawest political instincts. Offering solutions that cost billions and often stir up media-fuelled opposition from local communities, they rarely get credit and in any event pay off only well beyond the lifetime of the administration that proposed them. Be that political […]

The British Government has admitted that its promise to double the use of biofuels by 2020 will be adding to global CO2 emissions. The country has signed a European agreement which guarantees that 10% of transport fuels will be sourced from renewable energy (biofuels for example) by 2020. The issue is that the policy is… » read more

This story about the EU’s new transport strategy was published by EurActiv on 2nd November 2010. The European Commission wants to make transport users pay for emissions, noise and other harm they cause as part of proposals laid down in a draft White Paper on Transport, seen by EurActiv. The draft policy paper, which lays… » read more

After two years of debate the Council of Transport ministers has arrived at a political compromise concerning the Commission proposal for charging the external costs – air pollution, noise and congestion –caused by lorries. This will be the first time that heavy duty lorries will subject to the principle “polluter pays”. It is a big… » read more

The truth about road-pricing

Certain anti-European groups have been getting agitated lately about an experiment in road-pricing that is underway. They complain that the EU is forcing another tax on motorists, in order to pay for road-building in other parts of Europe. The truth is rather different. First of all, there is no compulsion on any member state […]

Fondation EurActiv organised for Tuesday 29 June a lunchtime Stakeholder Workshop on electric cars and the future of transport. The workshop was organised with the support of The Nickel Institute. Programme Europe’s auto sector is undergoing restructuring which many see as an opportunity for a major shift towards cleaner, greener cars. The European Union earmarked… » read more

If you want an illustration of how bad the news reporting of Europe is in some parts of the British press, look at page 5 of the Daily Express today. (Or read it online here:….) The claims made about European transport policy are simply false. Let’s start with the opening sentence: “Brussels bureaucrats want to… » read more

China’s Bullet Train Network

China’s loss of US export markets has determined Chinese officials to invest huge amounts of money into the construction of a 16,000-km fast train network, to be fully completed by 2020. During the first three quarters of 2009, investment in fixed assets like factories and railroads has amounted to more than 90 percent of China’s… » read more

“So far in 2009, battery companies have received over $600 million in venture capital funding, compared with $478 million garnered for 2008, according to research analyst Lux Research. The investment isn’t without reason. In a report released Tuesday, Lux predicted that the energy storage market will grow to become a $60 billion industry by 2013.”… » read more

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