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El presidente de la Comisión Europea, José Manuel Durao Barroso, aprovechó la celebración de los Open Days – semana de las regiones y ciudades europeas – que coincide con el Pleno del Comité de las Regiones, para reunirse con 9 de los 17 presidentes autonómicos españoles. Patxi López (País Vasco), José Antonio Griñán (Andalucía), Ramón […]

Europäische Investitionen

Die Europäische Kommission hat heute (Donnerstag) Vorschläge für die europäische Kohäsionspolitik ab 2014 angenommen, die die Schlagkraft europäischer Investitionen erhöhen und ihren Beitrag zu wirtschaftlichem Wachstum in Europa stärken sollen. Sowohl die Regionalförderung als auch die Mittelvergabe aus dem Europäischen Sozialfonds sollen sich künftig an weniger inhaltlichen Prioritäten orientieren und mit klaren Zielvorgaben verknüpft werden. […]

I was born in Ukraine. Ukraine is a part of Europe. Ukraine already was a European state when in Europe not everyone knew about such things as alphabet, clothes made from fabric, water toilet or constitution. The first-ever modern computer was created in Ukraine. The most reliable space rocket in the world is manufactured in […]

Taking into account abstentionists, the Yes option for Independence would reach, at least, 55,8% of the votes. June 29, 2011 Author: Web Team RCat | Source: Barometer of Political Opinion (2nd wave 2011) – CEO Translation: GTIR The awesome demonstration in July 10th, 2010, with 1,5 milion people marching, or the successive Plebiscites for Independence, […]

This story about Commission President Barroso’s Open Days speech was published by EurActiv on 5th October 2010. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso yesterday (4 October) told regional and local leaders that they need to get more involved in the debate on the future of EU regional policy. Barroso was scheduled to make a “live”… » read more

This article about the future of EU cohesion policy was published by EurActiv on 24th August 2010. The future of the EU’s cohesion policy – which is currently being discussed in Brussels – is likely to divide member states, as some are said to be pushing for the re-nationalisation of European pro-employment funding while others… » read more

Fondation EurActiv organised for Thursday 25 March a lunchtime Stakeholder Workshop on the future of the EU’s regional policy. Programme The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty and the new EU ‘2020 Strategy’ set a new scene in European politics and policymaking, which will particularly impact regions and local authorities: The concept of subsidiarity is now… » read more

Regional policy is about to become the EU`s major European policy area, measured by the volume of expenditures. By 2013 its annual expenditures are set to exceed those from agricultural policy, which had been the undisputed queen of EU spending for the past 50 years. It is therefore timely to have a closer look at… » read more

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