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Wir sind Europa“: mit diesem Titel sorgte ein Manifest prominenter Persönlichkeiten im Frühjahr für Aufsehen. „Wir sind Europa“. Das erinnert – sicher nicht zufällig – an die Rufe „Wir sind das Volk“. Aus diesem Selbstbewusstsein wuchs vor 23 Jahren, worauf wir heute am Nationalfeiertag mit Stolz und Dankbarkeit blicken: ein vereintes Deutschland in Recht und […]

Continued debates about a reduction of the future EU budget jeopardise the potential of using EU funds for energy efficiency and renewables investments to provide necessary economic stimulus and climate mitigation. How much money is needed to create 62 300 jobs and how much to save 523 megatonnes of CO2 emissions annually? Yesterday’s General Affairs […]

Sabido es que resulta de lo más cómodo en situaciones de excepcional dificultad buscar un responsable para ponerlo en la picota y hacerle responsable de cuantos males nos invaden. La cultura hispánica lejana a la autorresponsabilidad y a la autocrítica, siempre encuentra justificaciones ajenas a sus problemas con tanta facilidad como pone en marcha juicios […]

The Ukrainian opposition has declared it is going to sue the President of Ukraine V.Yanukovych for misappropriation of additional powers. Oppositional politicians have pointed out the start of collecting Ukrainian citizens’ signatures for the lawsuit against the President of Ukraine. In such a way oppositionists have begun an anti-presidential interactive political game with voters. It […]

Organisés en trio pour une période de 18 mois, le Danemark (janvier à juin 2012), Chypre (juillet à décembre 2012) et l’Irlande (janvier à juin 2013) travaillent de concert pour assurer la continuité et le bon fonctionnement des nouvelles règles institutionnelles. Non seulement un programme commun a été établi entre les trois pays de la […]

Another summit Russia-EU has demonstrated Russia’s interest in communication with the European countries exclusively in the bilateral format without EU officials. V.Putin has let EU representatives know that he, as a president, is ready to communicate with heads of the European states in the first place. V.Putin’s first visits to Germany and France have set […]

Gas became the main topic of the recent session of heads of the governments of the CIS countries. Turkmenistan, as the country presiding in the Commonwealth, paid special attention to gas transportation. Today Turkmenistan, occupying the 4-th place in the world according to the discovered gas reserves, tries to diversify routes of export of its […]

Presidential elections in Russia are predictable again. Those same people and mechanisms. There were no doubts concerning the candidacy of the following president of Russia. Authorities haven’t agreed to a political technological intrigue yet with the conduction of the second round. The premiere of the “Putin – ІІІ” sequel on March 4 will be successful. […]

During a recent interview published in Le Monde, Artur Mas, the President of the Catalonian government in Barcelona, has revealed plans to conclude a new fiscal pact with the central government in Madrid. This is viewed in Barcelona as a means to diminish pressure to move forward on the province’s independence, an option shared by […]

This year of the Black Dragon promises to be uncompromising for Ukraine in terms of events in the society and communication with the external world. 3 trends will have a crucial influence both for the Ukrainian people and for the authorities. The first trend, – the Ukrainian authorities will conceal the absence of the plan […]

Ukraine: the Ark for Europe

Ukrainian people today are hostages to political battles between the previous and the present political regimes. We, Ukrainians, have been familiar with democracy for a long time. In 1710 the Ukrainian Cossacks created a Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk – the first democratic constitution on the European continent. Ukrainian people treat EU values as a guide […]

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