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Archives for Languages & Culture is opening one of its media innovations to other media interested in increasing competitiveness through translated syndication. EurActiv has been a digital media innovator since its birth, as I pointed out when I returned for my current part-time gig here. So I should not have been surprised to see my colleagues’ names in this… » read more

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par Emmanuel Morucci Peut-on sortir indemne du sommet des Chefs d’états et de gouvernement des 28 pays membres qui s’est tenu ce lundi à Bruxelles? Sans doute pas. Pas sûr, en effet, que les citoyens européens s’y retrouvent. Encore moins certain que ces derniers augmentent leur degré de confiance dans le projet européen. J’utilise volontiers… » read more

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International Women’s Day has a bit of a translation problem. In men-dominated France, it has long been denied any plural. People call it “Journée de LA femme”, referring to the abstract idea of womanhood, whatever that is. “Women are concrete and real, but the woman is vague” as Najat Vallaud Belkacem, the education minister puts… » read more

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Guest blog post by Alexandre Rousset, promoteur du “latin moderne”. Voyant la frénésie actuelle pour l’anglais, langue d’aucun pays du continent européen (hormis Gibraltar) mais supposée le meilleur outil pour sa communication internationale, on se demande pourquoi n’est pas plus développée la langue qui se comprend le plus et le mieux en Europe de l’ouest… » read more

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Why Elections Matter

Today I submit two pieces of evidence to you as proof that European elections really are important and that the electorate needs to take them very seriously. Both relate to the unfolding immigration and refugee crisis on Europe’s many borders and both are from Maltese candidates. The first is a speech made in the European… » read more

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