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. This blog post belongs to the #Media4EU Tour d’Europe series. Read the project outline, timetable and deliverables here, and the list of its steering committee here. Fondation EurActiv and the Institut d’Études Européennes (ULB) are initiating the ‘Media4EU Tour d’Europe’ project. This will gather perspectives from top quality media in Europe and propose initiatives… » read more

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10 myths about press publishers

Guest blog post by Angela Mills Wade, Executive Director, European Publishers Council. This week, the Commission is publishing a copyright reform package containing draft legal texts and an overarching Communication including a related right for press publishers. This new right aims to provide legal protection by introducing rights at EU level to protect the unauthorised… » read more

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This is a guest post by a group of Science Po students cycling across Europe, aptly called Bicycl’est. You can follow their travels on Facebook and on WordPress. They are documenting their cycling journey across the continent, taking them from France to Poland. We are a group of seven first-year students from Sciences Po Paris,… » read more

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In recent weeks I have been reading one of the classics of power, Chimpanzee Politics by Frans de Waal. Firstly, it is superb and I can recommend it highly to anyone that has any interest in human development, primates, politics or strategy. What follows are some thoughts I had whilst reading. When written down, none… » read more

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On April 27th, the 1989 Generation Initiative, or ‘89ers’ presented visions and proposals on the future of the European Union at the European Parliament, to an audience of MEPs, think tank professionals and young Europeans. The core message: The EU should always aim to improve its citizens’ lives. Their aspirations and livelihoods should be placed… » read more

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Guest blog post by Katrien Alen, educational sciences student at the Catholic University of Leuven. While in the western society, education is focusing on internationalization and the global war on talents, other areas in the world are still facing serious problems with their provision of education. When we take a look around the globe, we… » read more

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Following a raid at the Vienna house of Ukrainian oligarch Dmitro Firtash on Thursday (21 April), the future of the Ukrainian edition of Euronews appears uncertain. Firtash bought the Ukrainian service last year. Firtash was arrested in March 2014 in Austria on US charges. He was then released after being ordered to pay €125m bail,… » read more

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Il existe de nombreuses différences entre Flamands et francophones de Belgique. Ces différences font la force de la Belgique et DaarDaar, le site d’information en ligne est là pour renforcer l’échange entre ces deux communautés. Faire un Erasmus dans son propre pays, cela vous paraît surréaliste ? En Belgique, c’est possible! Né dans la région… » read more

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