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Sentiment analysis, particularly the automatic analysis of written reviews in terms of positive or negative valence, has been extensively studied in the last decade. On the other hand, automatic speaker’s sentiment extraction for audio streams containing spontaneous speech (like online videos) is a challenging area of research that has received little attention in the last… » read more

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Using data from different social media platforms, blogs and news publications, Social Sentiment Indices powered by X-Scores (SSIX) aims to provide its customers with a set of tools they can use to assess the public sentiment towards a broad field of different topics. Such sentiment analysis can help to make well-informed decisions about e.g. investments,… » read more

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Every year, the month of January kicks off with the Brussels Motor Show. While the latest cars on display there clearly proved that vehicles are undergoing a not-so-quiet revolution, coming with state-of-the-art connectivity technology and an expanding range of powertrain options, there are also other players in the automotive supply chain that are changing rapidly.… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

Venture capital funds relatively risky businesses with significant upside. It’s expensive capital. When successful however it has an outsized economic impact. Think PayPal, Square, Google, Facebook Amazon, and Uber. EC bureaucrats worry the EU has insufficient venture capital and is therefore disadvantaged relative to the US in creating big, transformational businesses. When Brussels perceives a… » read more

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The new Commissioner for Digital and Media, Mariya Gabriel, is taking initiatives regarding fake news, with a fast process leading to recommendations before 2018 Summer. And hopefully, impact before the 2019 EU elections. In the same spirit, I share the five-point hypothesis below, and welcome feedback, chiefly offline. I do spare readers of this brief… » read more

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There’s a dark side to otherwise welcome news that growth in central and Eastern Europe picked up significantly in the third quarter, helping to drive robust growth of 2.5% year-on-year in the EU’s economy. As growing wages and lower taxes spurred consumer spending, third-quarter expansion in the EU’s eastern member states beat both EU averages… » read more

  Posted by The Euro Economy

Guest post by Gabriel A. Giménez Roche, assistant professor of economics at NEOMA Business School, and associate researcher at the Institut Économique Molinari   At a time when the nuclear menace of North Korea becomes increasingly serious, South Korea is also threatened from within by a series of high impact financial scandals. To face it,… » read more

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Guest post by Paolo Battiston, Executive Vice President Digital Payments & Labs Europe, Mastercard The 4th industrial revolution is here. And it is digital. Unlike any other time in recent history, society is witnessing an intense interest in digital transformation. What is changing is nothing less than how consumers interact: with their families, friends, communities… » read more

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Commercial vehicles – like trucks, vans and buses – are not consumer goods; they are tools used to get a job done. When looking at passenger cars, the main variable is the amount of people to be transported. A single commercial vehicle, however, might be used for very different purposes and at very different degrees… » read more

  Posted by Secretary General of the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA)

By Mostafa Darwish & Arthur Wyns Climate Action is necessary on all levels, from changing personal behaviour to promoting sustainable businesses & entrepreneurship. Climate-KIC – or the Knowledge and Innovation Community – does just that: as Europe’s largest public-private innovation network, it empowers young people to come up with new business ideas to challenge and… » read more

  Posted by Arthur Wyns - environmental journalist

In recent years cloud storage such as Dropbox or Drive is gaining popularity across different industries principally for its affordability given the excellent performance offered. Within this domain, also cloud databases are now challenging well-established solutions deployed on site. Regarding big-data analytics, cloud databases are now starting to play a crucial role. According to a… » read more

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