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This spring the European Union launched a special consultation project dedicated to exploring the potential of science and innovation in ensuring a safe, sufficient, nutritious and sustainable food not only in Europe, but all over the world. This topic is closely related to the theme of this year’s Universal Exhibition called Expo Milano 2015 with… » read more

  Posted by wzory

  May is parade month in Brussels, but one cannot help but already notice the impressive parade of stupid marching through this town, and nowhere more can this be better exemplified than in the activism surrounding bee health and neonicotinoid pesticides. For much of the last four years, campaigners have been falling over themselves using… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Guest blogpost by Sascha Marschang, European Public Health Alliance & Linda Mans, Health Workers for All. The economic crisis has led to increased mobility of health professionals within Europe and in some cases it has even replaced recruitment from non-EU member states, thereby adding a distinctly European dimension to the implementation of the WHO Global… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

Recent attacks on environmental NGO activists by government officials have left many to conclude that environmentalism should be criminalised. The Risk-Monger finds this just a tad too harsh, and on the occasion of Earth Day, thought he should come to the defence of his green friends. Although I agree we should not act or design… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Dear Dr Flüh Congratulations on your appointment as acting director responsible for bee-health in DG Santé. Your predecessor who had campaigned long and hard against the chemical and biotech industries, and had refused any semblance of dialogue, unfortunately has left you in a very difficult position with very little room for compromise on the neonicotinoid… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

Au même titre que la lutte contre les habitudes alimentaires, contre l’exposition à certains facteurs de risque environnementaux ou contre les addictions, la politique de santé doit désormais prendre en compte le développement du sport ou d’activités physiques à tous les âges. Les pathologies liées à la sédentarité constituent aujourd’hui la première cause de mortalité… » read more

  Posted by Sport et Citoyenneté

A couple of months ago news outlets in the U.S. reported that a majority of Americans is highly concerned about “foods containing DNA” (Food Demand Survey 2015). This is indeed quite concerning. After all, only EVERY food on this planet contains DNA. The misinformation is scary and one could wonder if it is the same… » read more

  Posted by Trade Talk

The recent International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) publication on glyphosate (a chemical found in Monsanto’s Roundup) once again illustrates how international scientific bodies continue to put politics over science, run anti-industry witch-hunts and have become the playground for environmental activist predators using the cloak of an international body to try to give their… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

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