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During the last 20 years the EU has been the major global pioneer in developing wind and solar energy. It has done so in order to become independent from fossil energy sources and from dominant oil and gas suppliers like Russia and OPEC. Its efforts have failed so far on two crucial counts: Not all […]

In my first posting I wrote about the sometimes heated discussions in Tunisia’s daily life. This week, two subjects attracted a lot of attention from the public.   “Thy shall marry young” Ennahda, the political party which represents most of the so-called Islamists in Tunisia, presented its party program for the upcoming elections. Under the […]

Good advice on Wikileaks

It would be boring if there was no Wikileaks. All the time new characters of public life become subject to the leaks. The themes are different each time but we can observe a certain pattern. Suppose that a politician “X” spoke with an American diplomat and a written message from this conversation got to the media. […]

Les Européens doivent s’expliquer sur leur implication dans les détentions secrètes et les pratiques de torture dela CIA.Lacélébration de cet anniversaire douloureux constitue la dernière occasion pour relancer les tentatives faites dans le passé pour apporter un peu de lumière. Nea say a régulièrement informé (et dans le détails) sur les travaux opiniâtre du Conseil […]

After 9/11 – The Bottom Line

While soap opera on the WTC square is over again it might be time to make a cool assessment – what is the bottom line behind correct statements, condolences and sentimental sob stories. It is understandable that sc human interest aspect gets the main role in headlines, it as well conspiracy theories are good marketing […]

Die EU hat beschlossen, das Projekt “Improving capacities to eliminate and prevent recurrence of obsolete pesticides as a model for tackling unused hazardous chemicals in the former Soviet Union” zu starten. Es bietet den ehemaligen Teilrepubliken der Sowjetunion Hilfe bei der Beseitigung alter Lagerstätten von Schädlingsbekämpfungsmitteln. Der Etat von 7 Millionen Euro soll dazu dienen, […]

France et Allemagne mènent le règlement de la crise grecque un peu en solo dans ce qui n’est pas du goût de la Pologne, actuelle présidente de l’Union européenne. Le pays se considère comme écarté des discussions. Il est rejoint par les tchèques, Hongrois, Roumains, Bulgares, Lituaniens, Lettons. Ensemble ils ont organisé une ”contre-réunion”. Tous ces […]

18 years ago, on September 13th 1993, Rabin and Arafat, the two outstanding political leaders of their communities, solemnly signed the “interim agreement” at the White House in Washington, ushering in a short period of hope for a peaceful settlement of their 60 year-old conflict. But in fact, the 18 years since the Washington ceremony […]

Guest post by: Corina Cretu, Vice-Chair of Committee on Development of European Parliament I have regretfully noticed that the European diplomacy is unable to play the role of mediator; it cannot even be an arbitrator in a region of immediate proximity, whose chronic instability affects us directly. Unfortunately, there has been no progress on EU involvement […]

For different reasons it is interesting to follow the developments in Tunisia. Those who followed the events of the revolution earlier this year, might have lost sight of the sequel, or have forgotten about it at all. However, the country is moving and the Tunisian people have landed into a crucial phase of their process […]

Als neu und positiv ist zu vermerken, dass eher die Europäer das Heft in die Hand genommen haben als die Amerikaner. Obama, dessen Vereinigte Staaten immer noch mit dem Abzug aus dem Irak und Afghanistan beschäftigt sind, hat diesmal nicht die politische Führung übernommen – sie fiel an Nicolas Sarkozy -, und seine militärischen Einsatzkräfte […]

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