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After having given a serious warning in mid-October to the Syrian regime and insisted on stopping violence against peaceful demonstrators the Arab League foreign ministers meeting in distant Morocco have decided to suspend Syrian membership as of November 16. On November 16, they gave Syria another three days respite in return for allowing an Arab […]

The present depth of the EU and eurozone economic crisis gives an idea that afterwards the European Union will already be different. Rules of interactions between the states within the Union will change. This will touch upon both political, and especially, economic and currency-related relations. Europe passes the exam on the ability to come to […]

What is going on in Greece?

Prime Minister Papandreou was playing badly last week, but he managed to end with a good and strong move. Instead of a referendum the public will solve the same dilemma in general elections that will take place in three months. This means that the demagogic campaign, which usually accompanies referendum, will be replaced by a serious […]

This year is passing under the sign of the European Neighbourhood Policy – the two reports, the summit in Warsaw, numerous seminars and conferences. One of the successes, not so easy to achieve, was the maintenance of the ENP consistency towards the East and the South. Today in Madrid one of such conferences is taking […]

A new Tunisia, new realities

Exactly one week after the elections, it is about time to draw up the balance sheet. In Tunisia no election night with incoming results from the different polling station, but an entire week in which results are made public every now and then. The process of counting (and recounting) took a couple of days. Not […]

In Warsaw, as in Brussels

What is happening in Poland after the elections resembles the Belgian scenario (Belgium has not had the government for over a year), or the Italian scenario from long time ago. In Poland there is no new Speaker, no new cabinet, and the stock market of names is going crazy. We learn that one lady, a […]

The header of the main Tunisian newspaper this morning. Over 70% of entitled Tunisians casted their ballots yesterday in the first free and fair elections of the Tunisian history. A turnout much higher than expected. Everywhere in the country long queues of people were formed in front of the polling stations. People arriving at rush […]

  Teargas and consternation in the Capital’s city centre. This weekend the capital Tunis witnessed its most serious disturbances since months. A group of 250 Salafists tried to evade the offices of TV-station Nessma, because it had broadcasted a provocative cartoon (Persepolis, a must-see!). Police forces were well informed and managed to prevent any damaging. […]

Amnesty in the Middle East

Media are full of information about the release of one Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, in exchange for 1 027 Palestinian prisoners. Shalit spent 5 years in an unknown place, in unknown conditions, without being sentenced by a court. He was captured during military service. By the end it was not clear whether he was alive. […]

The manifesto of the Indignados movement – those from Spain, adopted by the rest of Europe – is definitely worth reading. We can read there about equality, solidarity, the right to housing, employment, health care. Next, more fundamental, the Indignados demand political participation. So what happened that on the 15th of May in Madrid, the […]

Mit dem Start des neuen europäischen Visa-Informationssystems (VIS) werden die Außengrenzen der Schengen-Länder von heute (Dienstag) an noch sicherer. Zugleich profitieren Ausländer, die die EU besuchen wollen, von klareren und fairen Regeln für den Visumsantrag. EU-Innenkommissarin Cecilia Malmström sagte: “Ausstellung und Prüfung von Visa werden jetzt effizienter und sicherer. Damit kommen wir einer besseren gemeinsamen […]

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