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No one seems to be too happy about the results of the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure: Domestic governments feel a sense of loss of power; Juncker only reluctantly accepted his new position; older EU idealists like Neil Kinnock see a threat to the Commission’s equidistance and independence. What about the 1989 generation? For us the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure doesn’t go… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

  Do people really want to have a conversation with brands, or their government? [Note: At last, a chance to bury the lede in a blog post. I started this post during my 2012-13 blogging hiatus, never finished it and then forgot clean about it. For reasons that will become clear, I’ve just rediscovered it… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

“Why don’t we just build our community on Facebook?”. Some thoughts after a month playing with Knowledge Hub. [Notes: Reposted from Knowledge Hub – see disclaimer, below. Join me this Thursday in a Hangout-on-Air with Ezri Carlebach and Charlelie Jourdan on the ‘Rapido’ conference technique, visual communications and whatever else strikes our fancy] A short… » read more

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My EuropCom 2015 workshop on online communities is taking shape. According to the EuropCom2015 site it’ll be held after lunch on Day 1, and will cover: Convening and managing an online community is an extremely effective way of achieving communications goals, but will probably fail if viewed primarily as a communications project. We will explore… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

I need three speakers for a EuropCom2015 workshop to share their thoughts on convening and managing communities in the context of public communications and policymaking. The following throwaway remark on Linkedin landed me with the task of setting up a workshop at EuropCom 2015: “I’d suggest combining “Setting-up and managing online communities” and “The power… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

An array of sophisticated language technologies could help ideas flow across EU borders, link national conversations together and support the EU Online Public Sphere – the demos the EU needs. But BloggingPortal is unlikely to feature them. Years ago I realised that a couple of innovative technologies (semantic analysis, machine translation, coupled with faceted &… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is an innovative measure which entered into force three years ago. It was foreseen in the EU treaty and is described as an instrument of participatory democracy. The ECI allows European citizens to influence EU legislation and offers a link to political decision-making. Taken at face value this should go… » read more

  Posted by Mose Apelblat

Old Elite in a New World

As Kader Sevinç said in her paper for Euractiv , one of the main challenges for our generation is to better conduct the transition toward a transnational world in order to be able to providing solutions in accordance with our expectations and values. EU has difficulties to find solutions, and should deal with institutional and… » read more

  Posted by Kader Sevinc - Smart Democracy & Smart Citizenship

Despite a common misconception, the European Citizens’ Initiative is not the alpha and omega of EU citizens’ engagement in EU decision-making. There is a variety of other mechanisms that allow EU citizens to influence EU agenda. For example, an average civic society organisation would hardly ever opt in favour of a logistically as challenging high-cost […]

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