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On April 27th, the 1989 Generation Initiative, or ‘89ers’ presented visions and proposals on the future of the European Union at the European Parliament, to an audience of MEPs, think tank professionals and young Europeans. The core message: The EU should always aim to improve its citizens’ lives. Their aspirations and livelihoods should be placed… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

My belief that Bilbao is a stronghold of sustainable city developments is growing immeasurably. Why? Because after visiting for a week of creative dialogue between 800 participants from 200 cities, I found myself inspired by the city’s culture of social change. Further out from Bilbao (which recently hosted a series of events entitled New Pathways… » read more

  Posted by Kaj Embren

Guest blog post by Joe Mathews, columnist & Innovation editor at Zócalo Public Square and Board Member of Democracy International. A recent European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) intending to ban same-sex marriage has led to commotion in the European Commission and to a questioning of the participation instrument itself. Instead, Joe Mathews argues, the ECI should… » read more

  Posted by The Guest Blog

French version below   The Council is due to adopt conclusions on : the representation of the EU member states in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Foundation Board the promotion of physical and sport activities for children   Ministers will also hold a public debate on the educational potential of sports, in particular for the… » read more

  Posted by Sport et Citoyenneté

This week NHSCitizen – one of the case studies I brought to my EuroPCom 2015 workshop on online communities – holds its first NHSCitizen Assembly, where the NHS Board meets citizens to ActionPlan the participants’ top 5 priorities. Time to summarise the Hangout-On-Air I had on NHSCitizen with the Democratic Society‘s Anthony Zacharzewski. NHSCitizen is… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

The following is Part 1 of a ten-part blog on governance to be serialised over the holidays. Today our personal decision-making process is strongly influenced by the latest social media applications yet EU and American government policy mechanisms, developed in the last century, have not been adapted to these communications tools. This discrepancy has created… » read more

  Posted by The Risk-Monger

  There’s never been a better time to innovate in media, so it’s good to be back to EurActiv. Eight years ago I helped launch BlogActiv, before leaving for the world of EU communications agencies. Give or take a month or two, my 6-month stint fell in the middle of EurActiv’s 15 years of life… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

No one seems to be too happy about the results of the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure: Domestic governments feel a sense of loss of power; Juncker only reluctantly accepted his new position; older EU idealists like Neil Kinnock see a threat to the Commission’s equidistance and independence. What about the 1989 generation? For us the Spitzenkandidaten-procedure doesn’t go… » read more

  Posted by 1989 Generation Initiative

  Do people really want to have a conversation with brands, or their government? [Note: At last, a chance to bury the lede in a blog post. I started this post during my 2012-13 blogging hiatus, never finished it and then forgot clean about it. For reasons that will become clear, I’ve just rediscovered it… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

“Why don’t we just build our community on Facebook?”. Some thoughts after a month playing with Knowledge Hub. [Notes: Reposted from Knowledge Hub – see disclaimer, below. Join me this Thursday in a Hangout-on-Air with Ezri Carlebach and Charlelie Jourdan on the ‘Rapido’ conference technique, visual communications and whatever else strikes our fancy] A short… » read more

  Posted by Mathew Lowry

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