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Ukraine – scenario for 2012

I have not read any full and frank comment after yesterday’s European Union-Ukraine summit. The finalisation of negotiations is not a success because in fact it had already taken place before. The association agreement could have been initialled, but it was not. In addition, the European side at the highest level referred to the situation in […]

The diplomacy knows an infinite number of wordings that do not explicitly describe a simple situation. I suppose that some of them will be used during today’s EU-Ukraine summit. There are signs that the agreement on association and free trade is ready. However, there is no will on the European side to initial it. There […]

Nowadays, the level of competition is considerably growing in the world. The lack of qualified personnel is now a first and foremost problem in many spheres. We can speak about demand for both qualified employees and elite itself. For example, in Ukraine, according to official statistics, in the first two quarters of 2011 processing industry, […]

Ukrainians have proved that they are one of the greatest fans of expensive cars in Europe. Official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine which has been made public in the Ukrainian press says that almost 110 thousand cars totaling to over 100 thousand dollars each drive on roads of the state. In […]

Top 10

It is an honor to be among the ten strongest Ukraine’s promoters in the world. Especially in such a company. Let’s do a short statistical analysis. In top 10 we have five Poles, three Ukrainians, one Czech and one Swedish. There is no President Yanukovych, nor anybody from the current Ukrainian government, and one of the […]

The hard game

I wrote many times that in Ukraine takes a strange game in which the stake is the rapprochement with the EU. If anyone thinks that President Komorowski, who is in Kiev today, may influence his hosts concerning Yulia Tymoshenko’s case, they are wrong. None of the attempts of pressure made by Polish and Western politicians […]

The big final is coming up

If the next month of the EU-Ukraine relations looks like it is imagined by Deputy Andrij Klujew, it will be fine. He believes, in fact, that the association agreement will be signed for the glory of Ukraine and the EU. He does not provide any “plan B”, believing that “either now, or never”. Maby this […]

News at the Dnieper

Today I am spending the whole day in the Supreme Council of Ukraine. The situation is well-known… The final of the association negotiations is approaching but the fact that Yulia Tymoshenkois in prison can effectively hinder the initialling of the agreement during the summit of February 19th. A few days ago the Supreme Council of […]

On November, 17 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law “About Elections of Members of the Parliament”. Lawmakers didn’t include recommendations of the Venice Commission (VC) in this new law. And the Commission was mostly concerned by three key innovations: 1) introducing a mixed electoral system instead of the current proportional system; 2) lifting the […]

The history of financial relations between the EU and Ukraine is rather confusing. 2,5 billion euros were allocated to our state over the years of our independence. However, the efficiency of these allocations is noticeable by no means always. Although Ukraine remains to be a recognized leader of the “Eastern Partnership” program, which was offered […]

Glass 1 / 4 full

Yesterday morning was marked by the votes on Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership. At this stage only the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs voted, but the wording adopted is close to what will go to the plenary session in December. The main battle concerned the European Parliament’s position towards the Association Agreement that is […]

Tension which we observe in the Ukraine-EU relations is caused by objective economic reasons. Besides, Ukrainian authorities consider that it is possible to cooperate with Europe without changing post-Soviet standards in the internal life of the country. The EU is persistently concentrated on solving its internal problems. A number of countries negatively treat plans of […]

The present depth of the EU and eurozone economic crisis gives an idea that afterwards the European Union will already be different. Rules of interactions between the states within the Union will change. This will touch upon both political, and especially, economic and currency-related relations. Europe passes the exam on the ability to come to […]

This year is passing under the sign of the European Neighbourhood Policy – the two reports, the summit in Warsaw, numerous seminars and conferences. One of the successes, not so easy to achieve, was the maintenance of the ENP consistency towards the East and the South. Today in Madrid one of such conferences is taking […]

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