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The anti-EU and anti-immigration Danish People’s Party (DPP) got a little help from a friend this week when Tory MEP Hannan visited Copenhagen to support them in the Danish general election campaign. Hannan and the DPP hang out on a daily basis in the European Conservatives and Reformist (ECR) group in the Parliament. It was… » read more

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Is Greece a cow?

During the past seven years of the eurozone debt crisis, we have heard it again and again: That northern European countries are ants and southern European countries are grasshoppers. But this week, it was revealed by top-level EU politicians and the European Commission that Greece is actually a whole other animal, none over than bos… » read more

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At the European Parliament, the Tax Rulings committee is moving forward on Alain Lamassoure’s investigation. The Chair’s next step should be to interview the CEOs of big companies – if they agree to come over. They also plan on speaking to French Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, who has been invited to testify on the 2nd of… » read more

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Possibly the two most vamous – sorry famous – politicians with surnames beginning with the letter V, Yanis Varoufakis and Guy Verhofstadt appear set to meet. Greece’s iconic finance minister and the ALDE leader crossed swords on social media before Guy proposed a high-level pow-wow. Guy – known behind his back as “the Hoff” –… » read more

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Europe, where art thou? Following Podemos’ victory in Spain, we feel threatened by a new wave of euroscepticism. However, if we consider Podemos as eurosceptic, we miss a decisive point of view regarding the nature of that party and also of the crisis we have been facing since 2008. In the case of Podemos, its… » read more

  Posted by PostPolitik - The blog of Alessio Postiglione

Varoufakis uses a good argument in the wrong way. He wants Greece to relax its government budget, using other countries’s money. The opposition to this strategy has little to do with being Keynesian or not. The Greek Finance minister Yiannis Varoufakis has spent the last years trying to convince the public opinion that the Troika’s… » read more

  Posted by Brainstorm on Politics and Economics of the EU

These days, the People’s Republic of China and the European Union celebrate the 40th anniversary of their relationship. Given the age of 40, one could assume that the relationship has indeed ‘grown up’ by now. But has it, really? Here are three indicators supporting this view and three against it: China established diplomatic relations in… » read more

  Posted by EUChinaBetween

“Tailwinds support the recovery”, proudly stated the European Commission’s Spring 2015 Economic Forecast. Even without reading the full report, one gains a general sense of the predictions for each country just by reading the title of each chapter. For example, if you find yourself in a conversation discussing economic progress in Estonia, you can get… » read more

  Posted by The Euro Economy

The London stage is well-known for its shameless attempts to publicise productions, usually through thinly veiled references to current events. So is it just Heard in Europe, or is the Barbican’s latest staging of Sophocles’ Antigone channeling the our own present day Greek financial tragedy? More specifically, is the casting of Patrick O’Kane (pictured) as… » read more

  Posted by Heard in Europe

Last Friday’s Eurogroup in Riga, Latvia, was a complete disaster for all parts involved. For almost all Finance Ministers it was another “revelation” of their lack of ideas, flexibility, and rational argumentation over Greece. It was also a proof of lack of imagination for another Europe, distant from narrow-minded austerity. For Greece and its Finance… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

“Après 30 ans d’affirmation de sa nécessité et face aux drames qui touchent les immigrants en Méditerranée, le moment est venu de relancer l’idée de création d’un corps européen de garde-côtes.” Une pétition sera proposée le 9 mai sur le village européen à Brest pour la Journée de l’Europe. L’idée avait germé à Brest, au… » read more

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