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The John Lennon song “Give peace a chance” is an appeal for staying together and being strong when times are difficult. At the moment, we are in such a situation in Europe. Nobody knows exactly what it means if by Sunday no deal is reached between the European Union and Greece. We are in the… » read more

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According to the Business Dictionary definition[1], project management is “the body of knowledge concerned with principles, techniques, and tools used in planning, control, monitoring, and review of projects.” Consequently, a project manager is a person with necessary knowledge and skills who is responsible for overall project implementation throughout the full project lifetime. Most people do… » read more

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Is the EU Council press office trying to tell the Greeks something? They’ve made the somewhat astonishing decision to use a giant picture of a Trojan Horse on their Storify, which is dedicated to journalists’ tweets about Greece and tonight’s summit of eurozone leaders on the crisis. Now international diplomacy isn’t an easy game to… » read more

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Five long years after the beginning of the crisis, it is truer than ever that the cliché of an ancient tragedy can aptly describe the state of affairs regarding Greece and its place in the European family. Indeed, following the announcement by Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras of his intention to call a referendum on… » read more

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Conocer el desenlace final de la tragedia griega solo está al alcance de su autor. De ahí que pretender predecir a dónde nos llevará la convocatoria del referéndum del próximo domingo 5 de julio en Grecia, se me presume cuanto menos osado, algo bastante alejado de mis múltiples defectos. Pero sí creo que las declaraciones… » read more

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