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In a groundbreaking bill approved by Irish parliament on Thursday 12th of July, the Irish government is set to completely divest its Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) from companies with shares in the fossil fuel industry. The move makes the Irish government the first government in the world to divest from fossil fuels. The Fossil… » read more

  Posted by Arthur Wyns - environmental journalist

By Steven Kelly Over the past nine years, the European Central Bank has pinned its inefficacy on its independence and its legal inability to get involved in the politics of fiscal matters. Yet, right now, Italian bonds are being buffeted by financial markets as the country seeks a political way forward following the recent elections.… » read more

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Italy and the Euro

The change of government in Italy calls into question the German leadership of the European Union, which was myopic at best. Italy has never benefited from the introduction of the euro. Its GDP per capita after the introduction of the common currency has stagnated. German-imposed austerity measures and the lack of solidarity among member countries… » read more

  Posted by Spotlight on Geopolitics

The UN expects the world temperature to rise of about 2.7°C, well above the target maximum of 1.5°C to 2°C agreed upon in Paris. Even if countries manage to match this ambition with results, people in many parts of the globe still face a future of more frequent flooding, drought and storms. Urban population growth… » read more

  Posted by Kaj Embren

Guest Blog Margit Schratzenstaller, Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung Die Europäische Kommission hat am 2. Mai 2018 nach monatelangen Vorarbeiten und Diskussionen mit allen EU-Mitgliedstaaten einen ersten Vorschlag für Gesamtvolumen und grobe Struktur des Mehrjährigen Finanzrahmens (MFF) sowie für das Eigenmittelsystem der EU für die Periode 2021 bis 2027 vorgelegt (European Commission 2018A, 2018B, 2018C, 2018D,… » read more

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Guest blog post by Margit Schratzenstaller, Austrian Institute of Economic Research In a few days the European Commission is going to launch its proposal for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework, which is eagerly awaited by policy makers on the European and on Member State level alike. The documents released by the European Commission during the… » read more

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Interview with Pierre Moscovici, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs. The interview was conducted by Dimitris Rapidis, coordinator of the European Progressive Forum. How do you explain the surge of far-right parties in many member-states in the EU and Eurozone during the last years? First of all, far-right parties have not… » read more

  Posted by Dimitris Rapidis

  Guest post by Mark Cummins. Mark Cummins is Professor of Finance at the Dublin City University Business School and Head of the Economics, Finance and Entrepreneurship Academic Group. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Finance. He will speak further on this topic at a special event on “Brexit and Financial Services” on 12 April… » read more

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    Guest post by MEP Benedek Jávor. Cohesion policy is an important tool of solidarity within the European Union. Since the 2004 accession wave this European flow of sources contributed on an altering level to the convergence, and at the same time in the majority of the so-called new Member States, it represented a… » read more

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