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Syria will be the most repressive regime surviving in the Mediterranean after the hoped-for end of the Gaddafi clan. Since 1967 the “Assad Dynasty” has been in control of the country. An all-pervasive secret police and a powerful army have been able to impose “stability” ever since the Hama massacre in 1982.

Should European fighter aircraft be bombing and strafing tanks and killing soldiers across the EU’s southern borders? Is there a better way, a way to peace? Can Europe’s greatest success be applied across North Africa? The greatest event in recent European history — perhaps in all of European history over the last recorded two thousand… » read more

Three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been caught in alleged corrupt practice. Demanding loads of money, they agreed to make amendments to legislation that favoured a private financial interest. Or so they thought. It turned out that the offer came from reporters of London’s Sunday Times. They had been caught in a public… » read more

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