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In conditions of growth of economic risks for the world and Ukraine, the question of attraction of investments acquires a special topicality. World media and international organizations publicly point to challenges and risks linked with investment possibilities of Ukraine in 2012. For example, according to 2011 Forbes rating Ukraine has ended up 105-th among 134 […]

Just before Christmas the European Union Court of Justice successfully upheld EU law to include foreign airlines in its Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). From this month, the EU Aviation Directive will force all airlines to buy carbon credits for flights in and out of Europe. The response from large parts of the aviation industry has been […]

Since January 1st 2012, the EU is engaged in its most complex ever effort to mitigate international climate change: all aircraft landing and starting at EU airports will be subject to the EU emission cap and trading system that has been in force since 2005 for energy and industrial companies. The new legislation is the […]

In North America and Northern Europe roughly more than one third of CO2 emissions are due to heating, which is correlated to average temperatures from October to April. The latest estimates of the German aggregate energy consumption and CO2 emissions in 2011 confirm this rule of thumb. The total German energy consumption is expected to […]

In 10 years Germany will have to do without nuclear power, which contributed 20 per cent to German electricity supply in 2010. Will Germany replace nuclear power essentially through coal and gas; or will it be able to make a big leap forward towards renewables and higher energy efficiency? Six months after the German parliament […]

Editor’s note: The latest fashion in the debate on the energy efficiency directive is to call for energy intensity targets (i.e. the number of units of energy used to create a unit of GDP) instead of the established 20% reduction in energy consumption. It is important to be aware of the vested interests behind this […]

Bricks and mortar

Picture this: the doorbell rings and you aren’t expecting visitors.There’s a bright eyed boy standing outside with ‘salesman’ written all over him. Thank goodness, you don’t see any of the outward signs of the zealous evangelist. No short sleeved white shirt with a name tag, no brochure-laden black rucksack. Besides, they always travel in pairs. […]

Oil reserves from tar sands in Canada and Venezuela are equal to the world`s total known conventional fossil oil reserves. But the production process is extremely damaging to the environment; and it causes at least 20 percent higher C02 emissions than conventional oil. That is why oil production from tar sands has always been highly […]

Tokyo Electric Power, Japans größter Stromversorger, entgeht auch unter der Regierung Noda der Privatisierung. Doch sein Überleben hängt an staatlichen Kapitalspritzen und anderen regulatorischen Eingriffen. Sonst kann Tepco die astronomischen Rechnungen für fossile Ersatzbrennstoffe, Entschädigungen, Dekontaminierungen und den Abriss der Atomruinen nicht bezahlen. Die ersten durchgesickerte Zahlen liefern einen Vorgeschmack, welche Milliarden-Kosten auf Tepco zukommen. […]

The first step of Ukraine on the path to an effective power balance is a restructuring of its economy. We should start with ourselves. The second move should be related to reduction of the Russian gas dependence in the following 3-5 years. The Soviet technological cooperation influences economy of all post-Soviet countries already for 20 […]

During the last 20 years the EU has been the major global pioneer in developing wind and solar energy. It has done so in order to become independent from fossil energy sources and from dominant oil and gas suppliers like Russia and OPEC. Its efforts have failed so far on two crucial counts: Not all […]

Don’t buy an electric car!

If you care about the environment, don’t buy an electric car. I have just spent some time in the Great State of Michigan, and while the enthusiasm for electric cars there is palatable, the conversations I have had with people in the field have not be…

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