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Doing business as usual will be a recipe for failure at the decisive climate meeting in Paris next December. 20 previous world climate conferences have shown this; and the two-week Bonn preparatory meeting of environment ministers in in May has offered very little hope for an outcome that will prevent an unsustainable temperature rise in… » read more

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In the last eight years US energy and climate policy has made impressive strides towards sustainability. This is due essentially to President Obama who has invested more in climate policy than any other US President, overcoming the ideological opposition from public opinion and Congress through recourse to executive orders. Over decades US fossil energy consumption… » read more

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Cuando hace dos años los mandatarios europeos y latinoamericanos se reunieron en Santiago de Chile, se abrió una nueva era en las relaciones birregionales de los dos lados del Atlántico. Allí se puso de manifiesto un cambio histórico en la visión que unos tenemos de los otros, se ponía fin a un claro desequilibrio asimétrico… » read more

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Eco-innovation, as well as environmental labels, information and management schemes are essential to get Europe on the path to a circular economy. This was the primary conclusion of the 18th European Forum on Eco-innovation held in Barcelona, on 20-21 May. Over 300 stakeholders from across Europe came together to make recommendations on what the European… » read more

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In the Arab world Morocco is one the very few countries without oil or gas resources. To cover its fast rising energy consumption it has been totally dependent on imports. Fortunately it possesses a big potential of renewable energy, in particular wind and solar: more than 1000 km coast line with winds blowing almost continuously;… » read more

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Angela Merkel carries the burden of presiding for a second time a G7/8 Summit, after Heiligendamm on the Baltic in 2007; this time, at Elmau in Bavaria, her major task should be to help preparing the crucial 21st International Climate Conference in December in Paris. At Heiligendamm, the Group of Eight had committed to taking… » read more

  Posted by Rhein on Energy and Climate

EU Community is developing several tools to identify relevant experts and key documents in the EU legislative process. EURACTORY – Identifies the relevant experts EurActory identifies relevant experts and key stakeholders on EU policy-making. EurActory’s beta version was presented at the European Parliament on 29 January 2015. More than 150 invitees confirmed their interest in… » read more

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by Jos Dings, director of Transport & Environment April 2015 will enter history as the month in which the EU reversed course on its energy policies in transport. It adopted its long-mooted reform of biofuels policy – especially regarding indirect land-use change (ILUC). The practical implications in the next years may not be so big.… » read more

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  On a recent trip to San Francisco and Austin, Texas, I found myself accompanied by two potential agents of change – Benjamin Barber’s book If Mayors Ruled the World and a newly appointed Swedish city mayor, Niklas Nordström. The former has the power to inspire and empower local politicians who wish to take on… » read more

  Posted by Kaj Embren

  There are many interpretations of precaution used in policy debates today. But how is it that environmentalists can switch from one incantation to another without realising that they are contradicting other issues that they themselves are campaigning on. The Risk-Monger has never hidden his views that the precautionary principle is a tool used to… » read more

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