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The Commission recently published a proposal, amending the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive, with the aim to start the transition to biofuels that deliver substantial greenhouse gas savings when also estimated indirect land-use change emissions are reported. The Parliament and the Council will have now to adopt the proposal while a debate […]

This week, and just after the ICAO Council meeting last week in Montreal, the European Commission has announced its decision to suspend the inclusion of international aviation in the EU ETS. The announcement has been welcomed by most of the industry associations as a pragmatic move in the right direction that will allow a more […]

Europe’s air traffic control systems should be urgently modernised and merged into a single European airspace in order to reduce congestion and flight delays as well as cut CO2 emissions, say MEPs in a resolution adopted on Tuesday 23 October.

European Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas made the following comment a few weeks ago when discussing the Connecting Europe Facility: If transport does not flow or connect smoothly, our economy will fail to grow and we risk losing our competitive edge in the global marketplace. Put simply, transport enables us to connect to compete. Siim Kallas, […]

European airspace is fragmented and, as traffic grows, will become increasingly congested. Fragmentation causes longer flight time, delays, extra fuel burn and CO2 emissions. Air navigation services and their support systems are not fully integrated and are based on outdated technologies that are already running at maximum capacity. In order to accommodate future air traffic […]

Why Aviation Matters

Have a look at this video of a recent reception on technology in the aviation industry with perspectives from Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell and the Association of European Airlines.

We are excited to launch this new initiative in form of The Aviation blog with EurActiv aiming to provide a digital platform for dialogue on aviation matters. We believe that together we can and should promote, define and support a new comprehensive aviation policy framework for Europe that by balancing sustainability with growth and safety […]

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